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Google Apologises after AR Game Goes Too Far

by GuruMelon 11/07/2015
This week, John Hanke of Google‘s Niantic Lab has apologised after it emerged that their augmented reality MMORPG, Ingress, had included material located on the real-world sites of former concentration camps, including 70 “portals” on Sachenausen concentration camp alone, provoking outrage from historical societies, religious groups and humanity in general. After initially arguing that the game relied on […]

The World of Connectivity and Gaming: How will Chromecast Alter and Already Evolving Market

by Andrew Corbanon 28/11/2014
In the world of gaming, players are often faced with a fast-paced and evolutionary environment that delivers a constantly changing experience. While this is predominantly good news for gaming enthusiasts, however, it also provides significant challenges if they are to keep pace with the changes and optimise their experience. Take the continually shifting boundaries between […]


by Matt Gearyon 30/07/2013
On this week’s episode, Matt’s Microphone is turned down (not sure if this is a bad thing), Gearsden is late, we establish that Mike has a snake that doesn’t like being interrupted when its in the middle of carpentry, that Brit doesn’t have a beard, that we will do pretty much anything for money annnnnnd […]

Guerilla Tea Creates Cancer Research Game

by Stephen Breweron 28/07/2013
Guerilla Tea, the Dundee based developer have joined forces with Cancer Research UK to create ‘GeneGame‘, a mobile title that will allow gamers to analyse gene data and contribute to the fight against cancer.   Guerilla Tea CEO Mark Hastings said, ‘We’ve always believed games technology has the potential to provide huge benefits to other […]

Google Developing Andriod-Powered Games Console

by Stephen Breweron 04/07/2013
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stated that ‘people familiar with the matter’ provided details to the newspaper. Despite this Google declined to comment, though according to the WSJ, Google is ‘reacting in part to expectations that rival Apple will launch a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.’ Apple have also […]

Games You Should Play – Despicable Me: Minion Rush

by James Buckinghamon 28/06/2013
I’m not usually one for mobile gaming, but since getting a Nexus 4 I’ve found myself fiddling around with games more… and I’ve been genuinely surprised at some of the quality titles that are available. This review will be the start of a new series of articles called “Games You Should Play“. I’ll be doing […]

Turn Any Webpage Into A Smartphone-Controlled Maze

by James Buckinghamon 22/03/2013
A new Google Chrome experiment is able to turn any webpage into a Smartphone-controlled 3D maze. Yes, you read correctly. If you use Google Chrome on your home computer, as well as on your smartphone (in my opinion you really should!) then you can play with this fun little toy. World Wide Maze will convert […]

Alien vs Predator: Evolution Hits iOS & Android

by James Buckinghamon 01/03/2013
Game over man, game over! Well… for the humans anyway. H.R Giger‘s mass-murdering xenomorph has now set it’s eyeless sights on Android and iOS… and the “Ugly motherfucker” aka The Predator is following suit, in the new title from Fox Digital – Alien vs Predator: Evolution. Yes, folks there’s another new game out with it’s […]