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Final Space – a Netflix series

by Matt Gearyon 25/08/2018
New to Netflix in the UK, Final Space is a remake or even a sequel to a YouTube series of the same name. Where in a lonely Prisoner, Gary, chances to meet an Alien creature, named Mooncake, who happens to be a planet destroying weapon.  Created by Olan Rodgers the show was championed by Conan […]

The Geek Pride Cast #Day-G

by Matt Gearyon 29/05/2017
On this live streamed Podcast, Matt, Bevan and Dave talk Twin Peaks, X-Files, tv series that over stayed their welcome and how to have a stable relationship… ish. We also answer some of our viewers questions and if you would like to be one of said viewers then check out our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch. […]

Geek Pride Animeniacs – Alderamin on the Sky

by MrCraiggyon 04/10/2016
Aloha! Craig here. It’s my turn on the good ship Animeniacs, following Daniel and Lianne‘s offerings to this new series of articles. Now, I was torn as to which anime series I wanted to talk about in this review, because there have been a few that I’ve been watching recently which have really grabbed my […]

Zombieland 2 is resurrected (again) by Deadpool writers

by James Buckinghamon 01/09/2016
When Zombieland was released in 2009, it was a smash hit. Its vicious running zombies and pop culture-inspired humour (largely helped by Jesse Eisenberg‘s running commentary, and one of the best cameos in cinema history) was a winning combination for this twinkie-fuelled undead road trip movie. The rights to a series was picked up by […]

Daredevil Season One: Revisited

by Lianneon 16/03/2016
A quick disclaimer before I get into things – my only exposure to Daredevil before I watched the Netflix series the first time around was the Frank Miller comics which I loved, and the Ben Affleck movie which I mostly disliked. My decision to watch Daredevil on Netflix was borne purely out of curiosity (could […]

Hail To The King, Baby! Evil Dead Series Will Star Bruce Campbell

by James Buckinghamon 28/07/2014
Some big news came out of San Diego Comic Con… especially if you’re a fan of Sam Raimi‘s horror work, and in particular the cult classic Evil Dead series of movies. Sam Raimi confirmed that he and his brother Ted were working on an Evil Dead TV series, and that somehow, somewhere Bruce Campbell was […]

12 Monkeys TV Series Gets A Trailer

by James Buckinghamon 17/07/2014
Now I don’t usually get too excited about TV series that are spawned from movies – take Nikita for example. I expected a Luc Besson-like tense action thriller of a series, and I was disappointed. However there’s one that’s piqued my interest, and that’s SyFy’s forthcoming 12 Monkeys. Based on the massively underrated Terry Gilliam […]

Dexter: The Finale *SPOILERS*

by Hani Fearonon 29/09/2013
Since the show began in 2006 I’ve been a huge Dexter fan and also an avid reader of the original novels written by Jeff Lindsay. On Sunday 22nd September, the final ever episode aired in the US, and has just finished tonight here in the UK. As much as I’m a fan of Dexter and his […]

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D – Episode 1

by James Buckinghamon 27/09/2013
If there’s one thing that Joss Whedon has done for Television, it’s incorporate fun into anything that he’s doing. Whether it’s Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Dollhouse, I’ve always found myself grinning like a loon during most series that he’s had a hand in. He’s got a talent for allowing the viewer to identify and empathise […]

Looking Back At The Saint’s Row Series

by James Buckinghamon 31/07/2013
I’ve always been a massive fan of open-world (aka “sandbox) games, mainly because of the freedom they provide to do what you like, be it partake in missions, or attempt ridiculous bike jumps and side quests. The first title I remember playing in this manner was Grand Theft Auto III, followed by such titles as […]