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Much Ado About Nothing – Joss Whedon

by Owen Duncanon 16/10/2013
Much Ado About Nothing It seems all I do these days is watch Joss Whedon related stuff. It was theorised that I must say ‘Joss Whedon’ at least once or twice a day. So here I go again, but, just to prove those that think I’m biased and blinkered wrong, I’ve watched Kenneth Branagh’s version […]

The Legend of Niche Nights – Gaming, Cosplay, Anime and Comic Events (with Dinosaurs)

by Owen Duncanon 17/09/2013
Isn’t it bleedin’ great to be a geek at the minute? Or a nerd? If you find either of those titles derogatory then…isn’t it great to be someone into really cool stuff and things? I remember buzzing from getting past the first level of Lemmings! Anyone else think fondly back to the “awesome” graphics of […]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith Season 9 – 8 GPPs

by Owen Duncanon 15/09/2013
Times have been tumultuous for the long-term Joss Whedon fan. I should know, I can sing the backing harmony parts for ‘Once More With Feeling’ (if you don’t understand, please don’t ask). Once our favourite characters, be they Slayers of the Vampyr or Space Cowboys, have left our screens, we cannot help but wonder where […]

Preview: Days of Future Past

by Owen Duncanon 13/09/2013
Surely this is a golden age for fans of big heroes on the big screen. Only recently has the SFX technology and budget for superhero films caught up with the larger-than-life storytelling, curtailed only by the writers imagination and the artists skill. Rewind only a few years and the hardcore Marvel fan could force themselves […]