BBC Release The Official Doctor 50th Anniversary Episode Poster…

by on 11/09/2013

…and quite frankly it’s about time to. You’d be right to sense a little touch of  bitterness, it has been far to long since the lucky bastards who went to SDCC saw the first trailer for this historic special episode and yet us, the skint UK TV licence payers, have been privy to nothing, nada, not even a bean.

But I shall not let my anger dampen this happy occasion. Behold this poster in all it’s glory, I mean look it’s David Tennant, back, as the Doctor, wooooo!

The 75 minute special episode titled The Day of the Doctor  and will see not only the return of the 10th Doctor and Rose, but also John Hurt’s (not) Doctor. This is a major event for all Whovians and do you know what? It’s only 73 days away.