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Black Ops 2: Uprising – All the details

The strategic “leaks” of information surrounding Black Ops 2 DLC has been quite promptly followed by the release of official updates – it was for Revolution, and now Treyarch are following suit with their new DLC – “Uprising“.

This is what Treyarch are calling “the most fan-centric DLC package” they’ve ever created – here’s the nitty-gritty of Treyarch’s latest DLC:

– 4 new Multiplayer Maps; “Magma”, “Encore”, “Vertigo”, and the “Studio”.
– New zombie “adventure” dubbed “Mob Of The Dead”.

There’s no new weapon included in this DLC, so sorry to disappoint you fans of Revolution’s Peacekeeper looking for a new addition to your arsenal.

However there’s a few surprises here & there – most of all for me is the return of fan favourite map from the original Black Ops – “Firing Range” has been reskinned as a movie backlot, and is now known as “Studio“. So all you camping bastards who stayed in the tall lookout towers can rejoice once more.

The Magma map looks great, as it now introduces (as the name suggests) magma as a hazard, much like Hydro uses water – if you’re not paying attention, you can inadvertantly do your best Gollum impressions as you get melted into goo. It’s also geared towards the players carrying multiple weapon types… so break out that overkill perk guys & girls.

Vertigo looks a lot of fun, taking place in a Skyscraper in India, with the ability to jump from route-to-route by shooting out windows… I imagine taking the high ground may be important on that one.

The last multiplayer map is Encore, taking place in an outdoor amphitheatre in London where controlling the stage is paramount. Looking at the gameplay footage in the trailer, this looks like absolute carnage.

The new zombie mode “Mob Of The Dead” is definitely one for movie enthusiasts… it takes place in the prohibition era on Alcatraz where you control one of four mobsters, voiced by none other than Ray Liotta, Chaz Palminteri, Michael Madsen and Joe Pantoliano. Treyarch have been quoted as saying this will be one of the most terrifying zombie experiences yet, and will incorporate a new “purgatory” system when players get killed.

As usual with Call of Duty DLC, it’s available to Xbox 360 players first, with the expected release date being April 16th. PS3 & PC players will have to wait the standard month before they get their hands on it though.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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