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Boba Fett Speculation, Part 1

There’s been a lot of speculation about the cast for the upcoming Star Wars movies, and I just recently discussed it with a friend of mine. He said that the best candidate for the upcoming Boba Fett feature was Jason Statham, but I disagreed. Traditionally, Star Wars has never been about big names, so a B-list actor would be better suited. Say, Timothy Olyphant.


Then, it hit me – he’s perfect. Anyone who’s seen Justified knows the all-American badass of Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens. Had Raylan grown up anywhere but the crime infested trailer park that is Harland County, Kentucky, he would have been the perfect parallel for Boba. But, that being said, here’s a point-by-point as for why Raylan prepared him perfectly for Boba.

  1. They both hunt people. Rayland works for the US Marshall’s Service. Their sole purpose is to track down fugitives. Boba  is a bounty hunter, working anyone who’ll foot the bill, be they Imperial or crime lord.
  2. The law is a matter of convenience. Rayland will disregard the law when it suits him, bringing a coworker’s comparison of him to Wild West gunslinger Wyatt Earp. Boba caters primarily to crime lords, so the law is more than a little fuzzy. You could call him a deep space gunslinger.
  3. t9bmmaThese are the kinds of guys you want on your team when shit hits the fan. Raylan has never lost a fight in his law enforcement career, and Boba’s death was accidental at best.
  4. They both have hardcore daddy issues. Raylan personally oversaw his father’s incarceration, with no love lost in the process. Boba watched his father get his head cut off by some jackass Jedi.

Said friend has yet to bring his points for Statham, but I’ll get back to you when he does. Until then, enjoy, junkies!

An aspiring filmmaker coming from a military family, my solitary life allowed me to gain an intimate knowledge of geekdom. I specialize on horror and military, but I am also knowledgeable on science fiction, fantasy, comic books and classic cartoons.

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