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Confessions of a Tech Addict

I can’t help myself. I look at something, I imagine the possibilities how that wonderful piece of technology can change my life for the better, and I convince myself that I need it. Granted, these urges often only last for a few days but regardless, if I gave in within that time period I’d be in serious debt. Microsoft Surface Pro 3? Yeah, I need that. Why? I’m not quite sure yet, let me get back to you on that. GoPro? I want it on me, around me, following me, documenting my life. Does my life need documenting, and do I facilitate the kind of life style that the target audience should have? Definitely not. I go to work, I play games, and as much as I enjoy the latter, it’s not a great spectator event. Well… mostly.

So what is it that tech addicts like myself crave? Is it newer, higher specifications, or bragging rights? Does the slight graphical advantage a GTX Titan offers when compared to, say, a GTX 960, matter in the long run, or is it just knowing that your gear is outdated and you need the newest and best? Is it, as previously mentioned, the thought of how you could best use it and change your life for the better? There are lots of questions and there will never be just one answer. Everyone is programmed differently and, in all things in life, that’s the beauty in it. We all have are urges, our wants, our needs, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Mine is tech. My latest crux is that I desperately want a DJ Phantom III, and that I’ve already started planning some amazing shots, videos and locations I can visit to make the most of my purchase. Will I grow out of this latest craze? Most definitely. Do I still want one regardless? Oh yes.

Pictured: The DJ Phantom III Advanced. It’s beautiful, and I want/need one.


Mike Orvis (of Geek Pride) constantly derides me knowing that, in his words, I am constantly “chasing all things shiny”. In some regards, he is correct. I bought a MacBook on a whim a few years ago, an iPad Air 2, and very few phone contracts often last their two year period as I need newer, better devices. An Apple Watch rounds off the Apple fan in me, but hey, most people have watches, mine just does a few other things. If James Bond could rock a high-tech device on his wrist, why can’t I? Whilst I’m talking about Apple, they are due to be hosting their yearly iPhone reveal this Wednesday (9/9/15) where the iPhone 6s/6s plus will no doubt be announced. Rumoured to be featuring an improved camera, force touch and a higher ppi on their screen, as well as launching with iOS 9, this year’s iteration is ‘the refinement’ one. I’ll say I don’t want/need it now, but I said that last year when I had an iPhone 5s, and I ended up giving my contract to my brother so I could get the new device. Other monetary commitments prevent me from doing so this year but, I’m sure that if you listen very carefully, you’ll hear me struggling to resist. Other rumours are an iPad Pro, being a larger, better iPad Air 2, possibly a Surface Pro 3 rival, as well as a push into the gaming space with Wii-like functionality on the latest Apple TV. Interesting stuff.

Some people are just naturally attracted to beautiful devices, and they will no doubt understand what I’m talking about. Others don’t care about the new tech, citing that it will be so much cheaper, and better, in years to come. Which is correct, but my brain doesn’t work like that. If you go through life with that mentality, you’ll always be delaying inevitable purchases, and sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself. Yes, you can get a PlayStation 4 at launch and enjoy the machine in it’s infancy, and spend time encountering a less robust, occasionally buggy system, but you’ll be experiencing it with everyone, on day one. To me, that’s a special feeling, and not one that can easily be replaced.



Nick Hanchet
Nick Hanchet
Massive gamer, avid writer and world professional raver. Only two of the above are true, so it's up to you to decide who you want him to be. In the meantime, we'll let you know that he writes for multiple websites, such as Geek Pride and NoobGrind, on geek & gaming matters.

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