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Dan Harmon returns to Community!

dan-harmon__120912201331When Dan Harmon was fired from Community in the spring of 2012 many Community fans were worried. Would the show be the same without it’s creator? When season 4 aired, it was good but it wasn’t great; sometimes it was trying too hard and sometimes it just didn’t have the same flare as before Harmon’s departure. Season 4 also had problems due to the departure of Chevy Chase who quit his role as Pierce Hawthorne after, according to rumours, arguments with the directors including Harmon and his replacements. 

But good news is finally coming to Community with Dan Harmon back for season 5. Initially he issued a few teasers on his twitter account before he finally confirmed that he was back and claiming it was all down to case member Joel McHale, who plays Jeff Winger.


According to Gillian Jacobs, who plays Britta Perry, the whole cast wanted Harmon to return and now their wish has been granted. Season 5 is rumoured to be the last of the cult sit-com (I’m with anyone else crying ‘noooooooo’) and so it seems fitting that, if the rumours are true, Harmon would be there to close off our favourite group of misfits’ final year at Greendale. 

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