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Don’t Get Mad, Get Even… Samsung pay Apple $1Bn fine in 5 cent coins *HOAX*

I work for an insurance company and spend a lot of my life dealing with unsavoury characters / solicitors who’s only aim in life is to rinse us, and therefore you, the punter, of your hard earned cash.  Now I can understand people are just trying to make a living, but one trait that really irks me is when you pay the solicitor for winning a case ( I don’t like losing) but forget to add the 23p on the end, you then get a snotty email or letter requesting said 23p! To which our general reply is to send a compliments slip with 23p’s worth of 1 p coins taped to it and our kindest regards…. not that we are bitter.

But what does this have to do with Samsung and Apple I hear you say? Well Samsung, as many of you all know, have recently had to pay a $1bn fine to Apple for patent / trade dress  infringements (check out more on this here), which, begrudgingly they have done… BUT, and here comes the link, as it was not stipulated how the payment should be made, the CEO of Samsung, Lee Kun-Hee, sent Apple 30 trucks full 

of 5 cent pieces, 20 billion 5 cents in total, to their head office!

You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.

A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week.

He who laughs last and all that, evil South Korean Geniuses, I bet they did an Ace Ventura after that legendary move! Question is, where did they get that many 5 cent pieces!?

 Check out the whole story here on Paperblog



****UPDATE – and no sooner is this up than I am informed it is a hoax… booo (that’ll teach me not to do my research! )

Thanks to Brendan from NerdVsworld for pointing this out! 

Hoax article here 




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