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Drokk! Dredd Sequel Not A Movie

By now we all know that Pete TravisDredd is a massively underrated movie, and needs a sequel. If you’ve been keeping your eye on the Internet chatter, you’ll also know that due to the under-performance at the box office and on DVD/Blu Ray unfortunately there isn’t going to be one, no matter how much the fans want it. Well… not all hope is lost – there will be a sequel… of sorts.

Dredd & Anderson

IGN have unveiled a teaser poster (below) for 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd “Megazine” teasing a sequel, with Dredd sporting the same armour that Karl Urban wore in the 2012 movie.

The comic will attempt to fill the void following the movie’s conclusion – and answer any questions that viewers had. To be honest I’d really like to see how Dredd & Anderson progressed in the early days of their partnership – I liked the dynamic that Karl Urban & Olivia Thirlby portrayed in the high-stress environment.

If you’ve not seen Dredd, I really urge you go to out and buy it on DVD or Blu Ray – it’s really an underrated classic, and soon to become a cult hit in my opinion. Oh – and just forget that the other abomination of a movie was ever conceived.

The Dredd sequel comicbook should be hitting our shelves and digital devices this September.

2000 AD's Dredd Sequel

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