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E3 2012 Press Conferences

Sadly Geek Pride, being the young whippersnappers we are, were not at E3 this year…. One day… one day! (Shakes fist) Anyway, just because we were absent from all the fun and games, (boom boom!) doesn’t mean we can’t give you a run down on what is going on.

By pressing the title of the conference you want to find out about you can have a quick run down, or, via the power of live streaming and youtube you can just watch and find out… we did!


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Focusing mainly on “Kinectability” as a main thrust, Microsoft showcased a wide variety of games, applications and features

Halo 4 –  Masterchief, where have you been all our lives!? We are rather excited about Halo 4 and this vid just made us Geek Jizz everywhere!

Splintercell Blacklist – Can use the kinect to distract guards, all looks very impressive and slick

Fifa 2013 –    Making use of the Kinect’s voice control to sub players and even shout abuse at the ref!

Madden 2013 –  Making use of the Kinect’s voice control just like you were a real quarterback… ish

Fable: the Journey –  Making use of the kinect to fire spells and slash a sword..hmmm not sure about this to be honest.

Gears of War Judgment -it’s all about Baird!

Forza Horizon – Another Racing game…meh

Refined Speech recognition and Bing searching –can search by category now and it seems if you speak Spanish, that works too.

More Sports content – More options to watch sport on your Xbox (not a massive Sport person, bar UFC, so not overly bothered)

Xbox music – Not sure what this is to be honest; spotify for the Xbox maybe? But what about Zune?

Nike+ Kinect Fitness – no interest what so ever.. what i dont need is another fitness game that i use once and spends the rest of its time as a coaster

Xbox SmartGlass – This looks really interesting. The ability to control your Xbox with your phone or smart device, the ability to use your smart device as an external info service on the programs you are watching or the games you are playing; and the ability to transfer data from one device to another… promising.

Tomb Raider – a more “mature” Tomb Raider game, lots more action and blood…. cant help but think there are two things missing from it though.

Ascend New Gods – by the same people who brought you toy soldiers, looks like a fun game. If its anything like Toy soldiers it will be addictive as well! That’s what I need in my life… more addictive games! 

Matter – new puzzle game apparently 

Resident Evil 6 – Lots of Zombies, you are trying to escape.. nuff said

Wreckateer – Think Angry Birds but in 3D with Castles and using the Kinect

South Park – An RPG in the southpark world… I love south-park but im not holding much hope for this.

Dance Central 3 – Usher? MY EYYYEEEESSSSS!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Looks very pretty and rather epic, not sure if it will showcase much that hasn’t already been done though



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Just Dance 4 – Going to be one of those games that i would never buy in a million years but then regret I haven’t got it when I have a party 

Far Cry 3 – How Purdy does this look!

Splintercell Blacklist – 

Avengers Battle for Earth

Rayman Legend (WiU)

Zombi U – Zombie survival horror game set in London

Assassins Creed 3 – Some Brit bashing with some nice weather effects

Shoot Mania

Watch Dogs – Kinda like Deus Ex meets GTA, again very nice looking 



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Dead Space 3 – Great another game to make me want to put my controller in the freezer

Madden 13

Sim City social – Sim City but on Facebook.. good bye FarmVille.

Sim City – a NEW Sim City and I have to say i cant friken wait. It looks awesome and is bigger and better than before FTW!

Battlefield 3 Premium – pay a bit more and you get early access to expansions (all 5 of them) new gear, weapons and dogtags… SOLD!

Star Wars the Old Republic – Why is it when I see SWTOR i get the sweats.. they have a new race, a new planet and some new high level content… maybe 270 hours of my life wasn’t enough, maybe I should go back… NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Medal of Honour Warfighter – the first one didn’t do to well so they thought they would fire in the option to play as other elite units like the SAS…. SOLD!

Fifa 13


Need for Speed Most wanted

Crysis 3 – back to a sandbox landscape i am told.. Fingers crossed!



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Soundshapes (PS3 +Vita)

Wonderbook (PS Move)

Playstation Plus – More content

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (Vita)

Assassins Creed 3 – Exclusive content for PS3

New PSVita / PS3 Bundles – Tempting….Very tempting (counts pennies)

God of War: Ascension – A lot of GOW fans have been waiting for this; looks like it wont let them down 

The Last of Us





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I watched this conference and was bored.. sorry guys but I cant even bring myself to be excited about one of these titles… yawn

 Pikman 3

 Super Mario Bros. U

Just Dance 4


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)

Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

Scribblenauts Unlimited  (WiiU and 3DS)

Lego City Undercover (WiiU and 3DS)

Batman Arkham City – Batman and Cat-woman but in armour.. really pushing the boat out here

NetflixHulu+, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video (apps)

Nintendo Land




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