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Jungle Cruise – Review

by on 01/08/2021

Jaume Collet-Serra


Michael Green (screenplay by) Glenn Ficarra (screenplay by )John Requa (screenplay by)


Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramírez, Jack Whitehall

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A film based on a Disney land ride….that has to be a first!

And it very much plays up to the “theme ride” feel, at least initially, with a point at the start of the movie where the Rock’s character, Frank, captaining a battered, run-down, riverboat, takes tourists on a cruise through his very own theme park esq part of the Amazon, replete with dodgy effects, menacing tribes and crummy waterfalls.. all, I’m assuming, to give a nod to the 6-decade old ride itself.

Aside from this the film is an Indiana Jones, meets Pirates of the Caribbean, meets Jumanji type affair, filled with swashbuckling, over the top effects / CGI, nail-biting moments, lashings of actual belly-laughing humour and puns galore; all interspersed with heart.

It’s bombastic, humorous, touching, over the top, and definitely a film for all the family, Emily Blunt is great, the Rock is great and Jack Whitehall’s portrayal of what can only be described as a parody of his father was amazingly fun.

Couldn’t fault it at all and.. a ye olde version of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica… um yes, please