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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Gameovercast Episode 135, 136 and 137!!!

New bunch of Gameovercast Podcasts are online. I’ve been terrible in keeping Geek Pride up to date, but its time to make amends. Press the links below orrrrrr, as always, subscribe on I-Tunes to listen


Episode 137 – This episode will improve your sex life.


The show opens with Nij scaring innocent bystanders, radar drinking more than he should, and then it all goes down hill from there….

In games we talk All aspects of Bioshock infinite, War Thunder, Singstar Guitar (i know i know…) and more besides.

News this week includes Disneys unexpected closure of LucasArts.

Our subject of the week is an awesome one, the subject: What games would make great films, and who would they star?




Episode 136 – Danny’s Down Under Adventure


The show opens with Danny’s epic down under adventure(culminating in the ultimate onion ring escpapade), the show talks about the oddity that half of them use online pseudonyms and the other half don’t, and then it all goes down hill from there….

In games we have been playing, we tlak Bioshock infinite, Arma 2(in all its squad based glory), DLC quest, A little bit of Dark Souls, and mucho mucho more.

The show closes with an awesome quiz brought to use by Jay! The last round of the quiz requiring out best video game joke we can muster.






Episode 135 – Lego and Bacon vs Cucumber Sandwiches and Tea


In games we talk Mass effect 3 DLC Citadel, Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, Dark Souls, Guild Wars 2, Bioshock infinity, Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance and mucho more!

News has us respecting Creative assembly for immortalising a dying fan, face palming over the British test and asking “is the GameOverCast British enough?”.




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