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GamesCom 2013: Episode 1 – Pre-GamesCom Special

PRE Gamescom 2013 special is up and at them!! Press the link below orrrrrr, as always, subscribe on I-Tunes to listen

This week the show is made up of the Ragey radarhead, The loveable Ninazu and the Bearded space legend Major Tom! But wait! We are also joined by 2 special guests, Matt Kamen writer for the Observer and Empire magazine and Arthur Tolmie owner of the Awesome Xtreme Gaming !

In this special we cover:
-What we are expecting from Gamescom

-The Publisher line up we are most looking forward to (EA, UBISOFT, MICROSOFT, SONY, BOHEMIA)

-Our most anticipated Games of the show, and why they are our most anticipated (OCULUS RIFT, DAYZ STAND ALONE, XCOM ENEMY WITHIN

-Who are bringing the suprises and what do we expect them to be?

-Whether Currywurst is utterly overrated!

All this, laughs, sex dungeons and more!



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