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Geek of the Week # 3 Mark Cox


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Mr Cox.. we meet again!

For those of you who dont know why Mark Cox deserves to be Geek of the Week then read the following article we did on him, and his chums, a few months back… You know Lars Homestead? Well not only did he get married in front of it but him and a few other Uber Geek Heros, went over to Tunisia to fix it up!



1. Our 3rd Geek of the week. Will you be doing anything to celebrate this honour?

[quote]Well for a start i would like to thank everyone who supported our save the lars project and making this very important day possible of winning geek of the week . And course i’ll be celebrating by sitting on the garden patio watching the oylmpics.[/quote]

2. So, many of us know about you Uber Geek mission to save Lars Homestead and last time I talked to you, you said there might be something else on the cards… can you tell us something more about it?

[quote]here we go 🙂 NO comment as yet[/quote]

3. So is it just starwars or are there other scifi / fantasy titles you like?

[quote]Huge battlestar galactica fan. So sad when that finished but it did finish
on a high. What a finale, i was in tears. Secretly a big star trek fan too. Looking forward to trek convention in london this october. Excellnt chance to meet all of the captains 🙂 I could go, big fan of all scifi and fantasy in all its forms.[/quote]

4. Whos better, Empire or Rebellion and why?

[quote]Well i would say the rebellion reason being x-wings- red squadron rogue squadron y- wings gold squadron the whole fleet taking on deathstars protecting planets from the empire. Holding of attcking fleets. I’m a huge fan of the rogue squadron books and my love grew for the rebellion/new republic through these books[/quote]

5. The destruction of the Deathstar… genocidal atrocity or for the greater good of the galaxy?

[quote]Well depends if you think of the greater good which i firmly believe in. But then if you think of the pizza delivery guys and the plumbers who have been called out to the deathstar whilst it’s being blown up then it’s bad because those guys were just doing their job. And didn’t ask to be blown up. No doubt the galaxys version of unicef will sort out the details [/quote]

6. Phantom Menace…. opinion?

[quote]Phantom menace, for me personally i love it. mainly for what it stands for. It was the film that got me interested in the star wars films again. It rekindled my love for the saga. But as a film it has it’s problems but hell so does return of the jedi. I can live with jar jar but i struggle with the amidala/handmaiden role. Fooling a jedi the way it did. No wonder palpatine was able to fool the whole jedi order. If a teenage girl can anyone can… That for me is a major FAIL!![/quote]

7. Anything else you would like to say?

[quote]Carry on with the good work matt, i’m enjoying the website/facebook page and everything it stands for Maybe we can tempt you to come over to florida with us for celebration 6. Just think of the report you could hey. You could find out some secrets for question 2 🙂 [/quote]

Matt Geary
Matt Gearyhttps://www.geek-pride.co.uk
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