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… Or should I call it Origeeky? Either way… It exists guys, it’s real. Some of it is damn good too! Here’s a selection of some of the best geeky origami I could lay my grubby little hands on. For the more adventurous of you I have included links to how to try making it by yourself. Good luck and happy folding.

I made none of this, and all credit goes to the original creator – If I’m missing a link and you know who made them please let me know so I can provide credit where credit is due!

Batman Origami

Make these here: Batman Origami Tutorial

Dinosaur Origami

Mario Stars Origami

Make these here: Nintendo Stars Origami Tutorial

Nazgul Origami

Pikachu Origami

Make these here: Pikachu Origami Tutorial

Serenity Origami

Make these here: Serenity Origami Tutorial

Spock Origami

Star Destroyer Origami


Tetris Origami

Totoro Origami

Make these here: Totoro Origami Tutorial

V for Vendetta Origami

Wall-E Origami

Find the folding pattern (without instructions) here: Wall-E Origami Folding Pattern

Xwing Origami

Make these here: X-Wing Origami Tutorial

Yoda Origami

Make these here: Yoda Origami Tutorial

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