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The Geek Pride Cast #EGX

by Matt Gearyon 02/10/2017
This week Matt and Pete have been at EGX, the Biggest Gaming convention in the UK. They talk new games, old games and get set on fire by a Lord of the Rings Dragon! Don’t forget that all Geek Pride Podcasts, including this one and Pitch, Please! can be found on Itunes, Google Play, youtube […]

Nerd Block Classic: November 2016

by xdustineflxon 29/11/2016
Another month, another dive into Nerd Block Classic. You know, I’m running out of ways to do introductions for these articles. Oh, well. On with the review. First item in the box is a 2017 calendar. A Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit calendar. The calendar features maps of different areas of Middle Earth, a new one […]

As You Wish: Great Geek Romances

by Ben Feeon 14/02/2016
Love is in the air here at Geek Pride Headquarters (that or someone forgot to change the cat litter again) and so we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate some of the great loves of geek culture. From the tragic and unrequited to the platonic and bromantic, geek movies, games, TV and literature have […]

RIP – Sir Christopher Lee (27 May 1922 – 7 June 2015)

by Matt Gearyon 11/06/2015
It is with a heavy heart we have learned that at 8:30 on Sunday, at Chelsea Westminster Hospital, Sir Christopher Lee passed away due to respiratory and heart problems. It is hard to express how sad this is, not only for his family (who are hearts and thoughts go out to) but for the greater […]

Shadow of Mordor: How not to port a game to other consoles, by Monolith Productions.

by Andy Haighon 01/12/2014
Shadow Of Mordor recently arrived on PS4, XBOX One and PC and it was pretty amazing.Taking the blueprint of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games and adding to it with the impressive Nemesis system, amongst other things, and setting it in the rich and engrossing world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth really saw the game as a highlight […]

Clwyd Theatr Cymru to Host Preview Screening of The Battle of the Five Armies

by Peter Ray Allisonon 27/11/2014
Fancy attending a preview screening of The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. Here's your chance...

Billy Boyd: The Last Goodbye

by Daniel Delargyon 22/11/2014
16 years, six movies, one epic story. And what better way to finish the trilogy than by having one of the original cast members singing the franchise to its rest – Billy Boyd, otherwise known as ‘Pippin’ Peregrin Took. It has been known for a while now that the actor/musician was being given the honour […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Official Main Trailer Release

by SeanPWallaceon 07/11/2014
If I’m a little honest here, the Hobbit movies are something of a mixed bag. The original Lord of the Rings trilogy was something of a masterpiece, with large parts of the story sacrificed to make a smoother film-going experience. But the Hobbit is one story stretched out to three films, in an egregious example […]

Geekified Pumpkins

by TheWookieon 31/10/2014
Do you like to be creative with Halloween? Original? Show who you really are? Well I have scoured the internet to bring you a compilation of geeky pumpkins. It was actually tough to find ones that weren’t photoshopped. They may not be the prettiest pumpkin carving jobs but they earned my respect.   Star Wars […]

Epic Safety Video is a Must Watch for Lord of the Rings fans

by TheWookieon 24/10/2014
Air New Zealand jumped to the top of Awesome Airlines when they unveiled their new safety video. The airlines managed to cover everything from seat belts, life vests, and oxygen masks to, electronic devices and emergencies during takeoff all while giving a very Middle Earth feel. Air New Zealand takes two Lord of The Rings […]