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Genuine Piece Of Gaming History – Now Available On Steam

There are only a few games that I would classify as Great. Deus Ex, Half Life and Thief 2 all fall under this mighty umbrella, and even flawed diamonds like Bioshock and Dishonoured still have the whiff of Greatness about them. All these games, and pretty mush any FPS where you do more than “frag” a “noob”, have a direct common ancestor in 1999’s System Shock 2.

Shoot robots! Store items!

Ground-breaking when it was released, SS2 married First Person action, a solid RPG system and once of the most nail-biting Survival Horror experiences before or since. Lucky for us then that it’s now available for the PC from Steam and on sale no less for the paltry sum of £4.89. That’s less than a McDonalds! Do yourself a favour, skip the Big Mac, fries and a large coke and buy this instead. The parts of your brain that detect awesomeness and your congealed arteries will thank you.


Check out more about System Shock 2’s release here.


Ben Fee
Ben Fee
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