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Horror Spotlight: Deathgasm




Have you ever found yourself wishing that there could be more metal in your horror films? Maybe you think that headbanging and hiding behind the pillow shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Perhaps you ask yourself why can’t the main characters in this movie be in a band? If so then Deathgasm might just be the film for you. Featuring plenty of gore, an awesome soundtrack and great humour, you’ll struggle to find a horror comedy as metal as this.

A social outcast by the name of Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) befriends a fellow music lover named Zakk (James Blake) and the two decide to form a band. One thing leads to another and the pair obtain some sheet music from an old idol of theirs. Playing the music causes a change in the townspeople as demons descend upon the suburb, looking to kill whoever they come into contact with. Together, they must find a way to banish the demons, save the town and hopefully get the girl on the way.

The debut feature of Jason Lei Howden was released on 15th March 2015 and received mostly favourable reviews upon its release. I personally think that more people should be aware of it. It’s a must see for any horror or heavy metal fan. A lot of horror nowadays threatens to get stale, with the same stories getting told, the same characters featuring throughout and the same conventions constantly touched upon. Deathgasm succeeds in breaking up the monotony and delivering a fun, fresh film that is definitely worth a watch.

The biggest problem with Horror Comedy is that it often leaves out one side of the equation, either delivering a painfully unfunny attempt at ‘comedy’ or featuring horror in name only. Deathgasm strikes a nice balance, with the gore oftentimes hilarious and making the audience empathetic towards the life of the main character. After all, who can’t relate to not being accepted, constantly trying to find a place that you fit in. This may also have the award of the first film in history to feature somebody being killed by a dildo. Don’t miss out on it!

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