Is Don Mattrick Leaving Microsoft?

by on 01/07/2013

 Is Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft for Zynga?


Recent leaks to certain sources suggest that Don Mattrick, the head of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, will be leaving MS for a position as the CEO of Zynga.

After the E3 fiasco, Microsoft have been doing a lot of talking about the reshuffling of management and other positions within their interactive entertainment department and although we cannot say that Mattrick leaving is directly due to that, it does seem to fit the timeline.

As of right now this information has not been verfied by Microsoft who are not commenting at this time. It is rumoured that the announcement will come down after the Stock Market closes today. At the time the news was leaked, Zyngas stocks went up 11% while Microsoft went down by about 0.25%. We will keep you updated as news becomes available.

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