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J Jonah Jameson in the new Terminator movie?

When you’re tackling the Terminator, who do you want on your team? Batman? Superman? Spiderman? Well, how about Spiderman’s boss, J Jonah Jameson?

Well it turns out that it’s the latter, J K Simmons, who portrayed the legendary Daily Bugle editor in Sam Rami’s Spiderman series is in negotiations for a role in the forthcoming movie Terminator: Genesis.  Due to start shooting this spring with Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) directing, the new movie in a franchise that, after James Cameron’s explosive first and second movies, became somewhat lack lustre.

Vote yes for Terminators!
Vote yes for Terminators!

The cast already includes Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke from Game of Thrones fame as Sarah and John Connor, and is gathering pace as one of 2015’s summer blockbusters to watch. Simmons is to play a hardened detective who has been hot on the trail of Sarah Connor and the Terminators (sounds like a band) for the past 30 years since the assassin cyborgs first appearance in down town LA in 1984.

J K Simmons has portrayed a huge number of characters across his 27 year film and television career with credits from The West Wing to The Simpsons, he’s a known quantity and hopefully a sign of the quality that this latest offering in the franchise aims to deliver.

So fingers crossed that the next outing for everyones favourite killer robot will be a good one!  It’s certainly shaping up that way.

via Hollywood Reporter

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