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Japanese Toilet Candy

The latest candy craze appears to be here from Japan, ‘Heart Moko Moko Toilet Candy‘. Everybody at one time or another must have wished they could suck up their bubbling candy from out of a toilet bowl through a straw. Well thanks to Moko Moko Mokoletto you can do this in one of four different colours (white, pink, green or blue).


First you assemble the toilet, almost like a toy from kinder surprise before pouring in a ‘special flavour powder’ into the water tank of the plastic contraption. Once this is complete you pour water over it and watch it foam up out of the toilet bowl. It comes in two different flavours, the first being Cola, the second being a Japanese soft drink called Ramune.

If your still intrigued by this bizarre candy idea, you could buy them from Jbox for $4.50. If however your like me then you may stick to a pack of fruit gums. I have no idea what the Japanese fascination with all things toilet are, just a few months ago I found the penalty saving toilet made by the two Japanese companies TOTO and toto. I’m not sure what the fascination with the toilet is in Japan but it does make for some interesting inventions.

Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer
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