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The Lone Ranger (trailer) – rebooting the Indie Film Industry.


Okay guys I need you to sit down, because I have to tell you something that may completely revolutionise the film industry as we know it.

After watching Man of Steel (GP reviews here) I was treated to a post credits exclusive trailer for the reboot of the massively popular, long running series, The Lone Ranger. What this trailer showed however, is going to change the way you think about the movie business. So strap up, get on board, and try not to throw up.

A little known indie film company called Disney (pronounced Diz-nee) are heading up this genius idea, they are responsible for a few animated films and a pirate movie; don’t feel silly if you’ve never heard of them. What’s really interesting is their casting choice.

the company even has a mascot, Michael Mouse.
the company even has a mascot, Michael Mouse.

Again, don’t feel silly if you haven’t heard these names. I’m somewhat of an aficionado of independent cinema. Anyway first interesting casting choice is 21 jump street star Jonathon Depp. His take on Native Indian partner Tonto is a quirky, facepainted man with dreadlocks. A departure from any of the gravelly and realistic protagonists we have seen in the last 10 years, and worlds apart from anything we have seen from the Disney team.


This took an hour to find, be grateful, lol.
This took an hour to find, be grateful, lol.

Next up we have newcomer Helena Bonham Carter playing the role of Red. Having only seen her in one role before, it will be interesting to see how she takes the strong feminine place that the trailer suggests her, and utterly fascinating to see how she and Depp interact with each other in this novel partnership. Those of you may be aware that she appeared in a few Tim Burton films.

Why Burton? Why not Cavill? imagine the babies!
Why Burton? Why not Cavill? imagine the babies!


Lastly (and I saved this for last) playing the role of The Lone Ranger Himself is the legendary Armie Hammer, star of blockbuster hits The Etiquette Ninjas and Blackout. This really was a no-brainer: a casting as monumental as this will allow fans to come for the stars, and stay for the unique and quirky performances.

I have somehow managed to find the exclusive, brand new trailer that I was treated to today (thanks, internet!)  So go view it here and prepare yourself to go and support this underdog company and reboot the entire independent film industry, you owe it to yourselves, and future generations.


Oh and in other news, Fuck Disney.

Hailing from Kent, England, Mike is a writer, editor and podcaster who has just finished his degree at CCCU. He also is a drummer of 11+years, plays in several bands, and is available for session work. His other interests are Batman, music which doesn't suck and pizza. Follow Mike @The_Dark_Mike

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