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Kingdom Hearts 3: Marvel and Star Wars content?

Kingdom Hearts

With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3, there has been a lot of hype and speculation in regards to what character content will be included within the next instalment. The creative team and developers behind Kingdom Hearts 3 are currently working on the anticipated follow-up from Kingdom Hearts 2, where the game will feature a more mature Sora on new adventures with the much loved trio Mickey, Donald and Goofy; and in a recent interview with Finaland.com at Japan Expo, it has been hinted he will travel to all new worlds within the Kingdom Heart franchise.

The creator behind Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, has given some insight into the possibility of Disney’s recent acquisitions of both Marvel and Stars Wars being present within Sora’s adventures.

It seems like despite a keen interest from the game’s creator, there are restrictions in place by Disney (especially when it comes to their in-house content). [quote]”Of course it would be great if we could add (the Marvel and Star Wars) licenses as well,” said Nomura when at Japan Expo in Paris last week. “But there are lots of rules and restrictions by Disney so we can’t actually put everything people want, so it’s a quite difficult decision but we’re going prepare some surprises for you so, just wait for the information.”[/quote]

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