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Review: Harley Quinn #1

by LadyNoctison 08/02/2014
  This is the long awaited follow-up from my review: Harley Quinn #0, however I’d like to firstly apologise as this review is LONG overdue! So we all know I was quite hopeful after getting the OK from Bruce Timm with his little segment in Harley Quinn #0, which left me feeling a little less apprehensive about […]

Insert Coin Clothing – To help gamers look great… and get their geek on!

by LadyNoctison 07/02/2014
Insert Coin is a leading name in gaming attire; they produce tees, hoodies and leggings inspired by the world of videogames. Their products allow people of the gaming community to wear their fandoms with cool and subtle references – which instantly lets fellow geeks and gamers know what your interests are ( and of course […]

Geek Pride: Cosplay Charity Calendar

by LadyNoctison 07/12/2013
This September we embarked on a mission (set up by our wonderful editor KThulu) to bring you a truly unique cosplay calendar, created by and featuring the Geek Pride writers and contributors, alongside guest artists who donated their artwork to the calendar. Well thanks to you amazing lot, we managed to make this dream a […]

Review: Harley Quinn #0

by LadyNoctison 05/12/2013
 Those of you who read my last review involving the New 52 Villain Month Special: Harley Quinn would know, I am really not a massive fan of her Suicide Squad variant.  So needless to say, I was really apprehensive about her having her own series within the new world of DC Comics, but I do […]

Ellaroo – Geeking up your shoes!

by LadyNoctison 09/11/2013
  The story all started with bored little Rachel Dickinson looking for something to quench her crafty thirst. She picks up an unused pair of red high heels and starts to pen in a black web design on them. She then ends up making a mess, a big mess with glue, diamanté and glitter. But […]

Remember, Wear Goggles: The Haberdash Steampunk Shop

by LadyNoctison 16/09/2013
So I had a chat with Avon Taylor, the gentleman and inventor behind The Haberdash Steampunk Shop, and here is what he had to say… The Haberdash grew, and continues to do so, in stages. Originally started as a hobby with spare parts from clockwork repair, as a way to pass time between volunteer shifts […]

‘Glee’ Actor Cast as the Flash in upcoming Episodes of ‘Arrow’

by LadyNoctison 15/09/2013
  Grant Gustin, best known for his role Sebastian on “Glee,” will play Barry Allen aka The Flash, in the second season of Arrow. Gustin will be appearing in three episodes – eight, nine and twenty; and it shall serve as a backdoor pilot to a possible spinoff Flash series. “Arrow” star Stephen Amell offered some […]

Detective Comics #23.2 – Riddler #1 review

by LadyNoctison 15/09/2013
The story is written by Scott Snyder and apparently Ray “Fakwes” an error that was overlooked in proof reading one can only assume. It should actually say Fawkes… (just saying DC). So far, out of the comics I have read from Villain’s month this is one of my favourites; also if you enjoyed Year Zero […]

Detective Comics #23.2 – Harley Quinn #1 review

by LadyNoctison 14/09/2013
Where shall I begin, I think I should start off with some form of a disclaimer. I am not a fan of the New 52 variant of Harley Quinn. Those of you who know me are well aware that I have a penchant for the original Quinn; that loveable psychotic jester. This characterisation that has […]

A.C. Crispin Passes Away

by LadyNoctison 07/09/2013
Yesterday was a sad day within the world of Star Wars, especially for those of the Expanded Universe. Author A.C. Crispin who brought us The Han Solo Trilogy; has sadly passed away after her battle with Cancer. Below, is a farewell message from Crispin that she posted on her page prior to her passing: [quote] […]