Ellaroo – Geeking up your shoes!

by on 09/11/2013



The story all started with bored little Rachel Dickinson looking for something to quench her crafty thirst. She picks up an unused pair of red high heels and starts to pen in a black web design on them. She then ends up making a mess, a big mess with glue, diamanté and glitter. But somehow manages to produce the first Spidey Shoes! With a proud post on Facebook she gets compliments and praise for her days work along with requests for more to be made. And that is when the light bulb flicks on!

Rachel works in a simple but effective work studio surrounded by glitter, diamanté and geek inspiration from 1970’s Star Wars figurines to a huge Marvel poster on the wall. But Ellaroo isn’t just about geekery. There will also be a fashion range for all those ‘none geek’ people out and about, but don’t be fooled to think that the shoes will be normal, they will still have the glitter and diamanté flare that Ellaroo is priding itself on.

Each pair of shoes are hand embellished to the highest standard using the best materials for a great price!


Have a look at their Facebook page for designs and details: Facebook.com/Ellaroo

Or follow them on Twitter: @EllarooShoes for even more updates