The first Day of the Doctor trailer has arrived!

by on 09/11/2013

I was all ready to snuggle up on the couch wrapped in my Dalek blanket and settle down for the highly anticipated first trailer for the Doctor Who anniversary special, Day of the Doctor, tonight on the BBC at 8pm. But, the internet being what it is, I awoke this morning to find it has already been leaked. A little disappointing and somewhat annoying, but it doesn’t mean I’m not stoked. 

A mere 41 seconds long but packed with so much that one watch is not enough. We see both 10 & 11 Doctors, Rose and of course John Hurt’s mysterious (not) Doctor. We are treated to a glimpse of the comedy banter that 10 & 11 will inevitably have and Rose getting all serious, not forgetting a good dose of explosions and a couple a TARDIS interiors

For those who don’t want to wait until tonight, here you go: