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MCM Expo NEC Birmingham 2021 “It’s the return of the, oh wait, no way, you’re kidding”

MCM Expo/Comic con Birmingham 2021 “Greetings Programmes!”

So, you want to hear a story aye? A Tale of high adventure and impossible travel plans with sold out hotels. Yes my gentlegeeks, ReedPop and the NEC Birmingham welcome back “The” Finale of the convention season with MCM Expo November 2021.

Its been since 2019 till we last stood in the mighty halls of the NEC for Expo, 2 years since I saw my friends properly, amazing cosplayers, awesome merchandise and the overwhelming atmosphere that MCM Expo delivers. I love this show every November!

What can we Expect?

Guests: So far, with more expected! “The Darkside of the force is a pathway to abilities some would consider, unnatural!” the words uttered to Hayden Christianson by Ian Mcdiarmid, Two of the amazing guests already lined up for this years show!

Panels: The MCM stages will be home to cast interviews, previews and so much more. Often the mighty stage is captained by the beautiful and talented Tabitha Lyons (@Artyfakes) and her partner in crime Chris Allan AKA Cj the geek! It will be a welcome return for the both of them I can assure of that.

Cosplay: Cosplay is a massive part of every MCM Comic Con! Children and adults alike, dress to impress and display their love for their favourite characters and fandom. So if you’re considering attending in cosplay as your favourite superhero, anime or video game character; Batman, Superman, Spiderman, from Marvel to DC, Star wars to Star Trek – you won’t be alone! At MCM Comic Con, you’re in good company. *

*Please note: Due to safety and security issues we will no longer be able to assist cosplayers with baggage storage, please use the cloakrooms provided by the venue. If you have a particularly large costume or prop you may need assistance with at the show please get in touch with the Cosplay Team in advance to discuss if we can assist you: mcmcosplay@reedpop.com

Cosplay Masquerades: The ever-popular Cosplay Masquerades are held on both Saturday and Sunday on the Main Stage. They give cosplayers the chance to showcase their handmade costumes and amazing performances in front of a packed audience. There are prizes for Best Costume and Best Performance but cosplayers are free to take part just for fun if they do not wish to be judged. It is free to participate in it or to watch!For the latest on masquerade rules learn more.

Registrations for Birmingham open 27th September.
Costume Display registration: https://register.growtix.com

Performance Applications close 27th October.
Performance Applications registration: https://register.growtix.com/

SideQuest: Probably my son’s favourite area, board games? button mashing master? Then it’s time to “level up” in the Gaming Zone! Whether you’re hardcore or casual, digital or analog there’s something for everyone. Featuring organised play, tournaments and freeplay for all the hottest new games, retro favourites and can’t-miss classics, the Gaming Zone is the perfect place to take a short rest. It’s dangerous to go alone so grab your friends and head on over because “Ready Player One!”

If this hasn’t already tickled the pickle then let’s talk about the plethora of vendors! Its like being in the most amazing Geeky Bizarre to ever quench your memorabilia thirst; T-shirts, models, Art, toys, cards and games…oh my! There is something for everyone and everyone’s tastes. One vendor even had Dracula wine!

To say im excited is an understatement, I’ve looked forward to this all year and im really looking forward to doing my coverage of the event and to seeing all the amazing people and staff at Reedpop and MCM Expo. See you there!!

For more up to date information check out https://www.mcmcomiccon.com/birmingham/en-us/home.html

Before I go, if anyone wants to grab themselves some MCM Expo merchandise, head on over to https://store.reedpop.com/ for the latest and greatest of 2021.

Follow Mcm on all their social media: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LondonComicCon), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mcmcomiccon), Twitter (https://twitter.com/MCMComicCon) and Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/mcmexpo)

Until next time!  “End of Line man” – Kevin Flynn

Journalist, PR, father all round King of Geeks. "Hail to the king!"

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