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Meeting Ron Marz at the LSCC

11427_418443811582271_1632920745_nAt this years London Super Comic Conventions was the first time that Ron Marz has attended the event and I had, over the two days, the chance to not only listen to him on the ’20 Years of Top Cow’ panel but to speak with him one on one. If you didn’t already know Ron is most famous for writing on titles such as the Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Batman/Aliens and Witchblade.

Ron was there as part of Top Cows attendance but also promoting, and signing his own comic book called ‘Shinku’ which he created with, and is drawn by Lee Moder (Wonder Woman) whilst being published by Image Comics.

As with everybody I met at LSCC, Ron was a very pleasant man and took time out of signing to speak with me and answer some questions. Although he has been to London before, this was his first time at the LSCC and even though he was enjoying his time here, he did admit the conventions aren’t the most favourite thing about being a comic book writer, as it keeps him away from his family. However; being a writer is also one of the best jobs he could ever have.

I asked him about writing comic books today compared to over twenty years ago and in particular the restrictions imposed. As he has written for some of the biggest characters in comics I was wondering if they are given any leeway, for instance, there are very few openly gay comic book characters and what would happen if he wanted to take a character and have them step out of the closest? Ron advised that if it was your character, one that you created and owned creative rights then you can technically do what you want unless a publisher doesn’t pick it up of course. However, when dealing with established characters you always have to bow to the whim of the creative executives who say what happens every step of the way. In today’s world the executives and studios are so protective of their characters that they very rarely want to rock the boat with them. There is to much money at stake, not just in comic book sales, but also merchandise and future film rights. You would not even go up to a studio’s executive and try and pitch an idea, if they want you to write for their character, then they usually already have a storyline in mind and look to you to write it in the best possible way. This even goes with minor secondary characters, though not as much, as every character has a potential value to the studio.

Emerald_Twilight_01Ron went on to explain about when he wrote the ‘Emerald Twilight’ storyline for the ‘Green Lantern’. He was told the he was to write out ‘Hal Jordan’ and that Hal will no longer be known as the Green Lantern and when picking the new Lantern Ron was told he could do whatever he wanted. So he set about getting rid of Hal, suffering the fans wrath in the process, destroying the Green Lantern Corps and having Kyle Rayner being chosen as the last Green Lantern.

So when a character dies, is resurrected, or has the first same-sex marriage in a comic studios history, it is very rare indeed that this will be the writers idea and they will just make the best storyline to fit a characters major development change, as dictated by the executive. Granted this is not the case 100% of the time but it is general practice.

Finally Ron started talking about a new project he is working on and that it would be very cool; however, despite the drip of information, sadly that was the most he was allowed to tell me. It appears comic book story lines are just as classified as military secrets! Ron did promise that it will be awesome and we should definitely keep our eyes pealed for when it (what ever ‘it’ is) hits the shelves.


Bloody horror meets martial-arts mayhem in the first collection from the sold-out series by RON MARZ (WITCHBLADE, ARTIFACTS) and LEE MODER (WONDER WOMAN). The last surviving member of a samurai family wages a one-woman war against a clan of vampires in modern-day Tokyo in the first story arc from the acclaimed new series. If you like your vampires to sparkle, look elsewhere! Also contains a cover gallery, sketchbook, pin-ups and the rare black, white and red ashcan edition.

– Shinku: Image Comics

9717878-shinku-vol-1-tp‘Shinku’ Vol.1 by Ron Marz and Lee Moder is available to buy now.

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