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Once Upon a Time I met a Geek…

by Becca Harperon 25/03/2016
Something happened to me. Something good. Let me explain, but to do so you need to know a little bit about me. Naturally, I am a self declared geek, it’s why I write for Geek Pride. In real life, by which I am mean actual face to face stuff, I know about ten geeks that […]

EPIC Marvel vs. DC Fan Made Trailer

by Becca Harperon 22/12/2014
Compiling footage from films, video games and TV shows, including footage from Arrow, Flash and the unaired Wonder Woman pilot, the talented Alex Luthor has created every comics fans dream – An epic Marvel vs. DC showdown trailer. It cleverly features many of their respective heroes and some villains and though we realistically will never ever […]

Infographic: Visual Guide to all the Superhero Movies up Until 2020

by Becca Harperon 18/10/2014
With a smorgasbord of superhero movies being announced in the last couple of weeks it’s all getting a little dizzying, so many titles coming in the short space of just 5 years, it’s easy to lose track. Handily for us geeks, the folks over at Comics Alliance have put all this information in the form […]

Warner Bros. Finally Announce 10 DC Movies Including Wonder Woman & The Flash

by Becca Harperon 17/10/2014
We knew it was coming, with whispers here and there we finally have official confirmation from Warner Bros of their line up for the next 10 movies based on the works of DC Comics. Announced by studio head Kevin Tsujihara, there are some very exciting titles. The run down goes as like so… 2015 Batman v Superman: […]

Fan Art Feature – The Hurricane

by GuruMelon 28/03/2014
Stand back – there’s a hurricane comin’ through! Combining two of my geeky pleasures, wrestling and superheroes, this weeks fan art feature is Hurricane Helms! Shane Helms played this role in WWE from 2001 and still performs as The Hurricane on the independent circuit. The character was a fan favourite and was based on Helms […]

Batman Vs. Superman Release Date Pushed Back to May 2016

by Becca Harperon 18/01/2014
Yesterday Warner Bros. issued a press release confirming that Zack Snyder’s Batman/Superman’s release date has been delayed from July 17th, 2015 to May 6th, 2016. Some sources are speculating that this delay is due to Batfleck sustaining a leg injury, though there is no official confirmation from the studio. The delay also means that the Warner […]

Geek Pride: Cosplay Charity Calendar

by LadyNoctison 07/12/2013
This September we embarked on a mission (set up by our wonderful editor KThulu) to bring you a truly unique cosplay calendar, created by and featuring the Geek Pride writers and contributors, alongside guest artists who donated their artwork to the calendar. Well thanks to you amazing lot, we managed to make this dream a […]

Beware the…..Where did it go?

by Stephen Breweron 30/10/2013
Lovers of the DC hero Batman were drooling at the prospect of the new cartoon series, ‘Beware the Batman’. With a distinctly new animation style and the prospect of seeing their favourite villains once again, was more than enough to get fans to the edge of their seats. It premiered back in July and was […]

Deadpool movie creeping forward

by Stephen Breweron 30/10/2013
Ever since fans of Deadpool saw Ryan Reynolds in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, they have longed to see the ‘Merc with a Mouth‘ in his own film or even franchise.  When Reynolds took the role of Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern film that simple dream seemed to be cut adrift, possibly forever. Fans […]

Adam Jay needs your help for epic cosplay endeavour Project:LEX

by Andy Haighon 13/07/2013
Adam Jay of Superhero Creations needs your help for his latest endeavour, Project: LEX. Project Lex is a dream project inspired by the opening cinematic for The DC Universe Online. This will manifest as a cosplay shoot of a scale not yet seen featuring several characters including Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, […]