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Straight to the Point

One of the most addictive games EVER! Seriously you need to have this! (10GPPs)

The story:

You are a man made completely of cubes; trapped in an unknown world (also made of cubes) with nothing but your bare hands and survival skills to keep you alive. With zombies and other nasty creatures stalking the land at night, with no other purpose to their meaningless lives than to kill you (and in some occasions blow up the creations you have made!) survival is the name of the game (well unless you play the creative game then its just about playing around with lego)

Things we like
  • Its Graphics…. First thing that will strike you in Minecraft is the graphics; they are most definitely mid 80s retro; pixilated and cube based. Something you might expect to play on your IPhone, HTC or even your old commodore 64, sitting in the cupboard because you can’t bring yourself to chuck it; not on your brand new, top of the range, £3k rig! Understandably this in itself may put a lot of people whose idea of a good game is a graphical masterpiece, an epic storyline and maybe a bit of game play behind it, off. But if you can get yourself past this then you are in for a treat! The graphical simplicity is the reason this game is so good.. it has nothing to prove, it is what it is.
  • Its Playability and replay ability The sheer size of this game is breath taking, you literally have your own world in which do as you wish: climb huge mountains (and fall off them); dig down to the magma core of your world (and burn to death); fight monsters (get eaten); swim the seas (make a boat and become a pirate, geyaarrr) and created EPIC fortresses worthy of Tolkien himself! (Look at youtube for minecraft videos and google for pictures, there are some mind-blowing creations) There is literally days, months, even years of fun to be had and so much potential for more content… well worth the paltry £13 price tag.
  • Minecrafting! Its what the game is all about people… dig a huge hole, get the raw materials and make things with it! Everything in the world can be used for something. From wood and iron for tools and armour; to stone and dirt for fortresses and houses. Just make sure you build yourself a crafting table and it might be an idea to do some research on line for initial useful recipes. Here is a good vid to start you off:


  • Everything is destructible!There are not many, if any games out there who can boast of complete destructible scenery. In Minecraft everything can be moved, blown up and rebuilt, and it is this that is the linchpin to its success.



  • It crashes some times (can be fixed if you look around the net) but in its defense it is still technically in its beta testing stage.
  • The Creepers keep killing me and blowing up my beautiful buildings! – not really a game flaw, just me getting annoyed because i spent so much time on them.. :o(


Wish List

MORE MODS.. MORE TEXTURES, MORE CRAFTABLE ITEMS, MORE, MORE, MORE ! These are all easily obtained for free and even easier to use.



This game proves what I have been preaching for years; Gameplay first, Graphics second! This game has no smooth edges, no new graphics engine, no fancy bells and whistles..nothing. It is just what it is: an oldskool game on an epic scale.

You won’t get cool graphics or epic storylines in Minecraft but you will get an addiction and not one of those bad crack addictions I’ve heard so much about. No sir , just a feeling of needing to makea bigger and better castle, to dig a bigger and better hole, to explore as far as you can before getting attacked by zombies or just the urge to farm!


Matt Geary
Matt Gearyhttps://www.geek-pride.co.uk
From N.Ireland but now living in Manchester, England; Matt is the founder and CEO of Geek Pride. Interests: Photography, Music, Art, poetry, Military History, Model making and painting and of course gaming (table top and computer)

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