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Move over Winter, TitanCon’s coming!

It’s August, the sun is shining, the country is unnaturally warm, and like most people I’m enjoying what Summer has to offer. I’m making use of my free time, writing, sewing, rambling innately about all manner of things to anyone that’ll listen, but more importantly – counting down the days until September. For most people on this side of the pond, September signals the beginning of Autumn, the return to college, and the end of another year’s worth of sunshine and frolics. But for me, September holds a much greater deal of appeal, because this September, TitanCon once again returns to Belfast. 


So what’s TitanCon, I hear you ask? Well, to put it simply: TitanCon is a Science Fiction & Fantasy convention with a very strong emphasis on Game of Thrones. Which, I can’t lie, as a die-hard fan of the books, is somewhat of a glorious dose of respite in filling in the time it takes for HBO to gift us with another phenomenal series. As an event, it’s still within it’s infancy, with this year being it’s third official gathering, but if past events are anything to go by, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re able. And if you don’t believe me, check out the coverage provided by WIC.net last year! 

 Unlike certain other conventions which are geared predominantly towards cosplay or spending five minutes and an extortionate fee on meeting your idol, Titancon has a much more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a place where you can mingle with some of the actors from your favourite show, you can speak to up and coming talent and meet some of the most inspirational authors, artists and downright cool people to have graced the genre in recent years – all while surrounded by like minded individuals. Take this year for example, amidst the collection of Thrones stars attending (Ron Donachie, Laura Pradelska, Amrita Acharia, Miltos Yerolemou, Aimee Richardson & more to be announced) we also have the likes of Laurence Donaghy, a homegrown Irish author launching his new trilogy, with multiple other artists, writers, and actors emerging to spend a few glorious hours with us fine folk!  

Official 2013 Tee

The convention itself takes place on Saturday the 7th September, and in the usual fashion, will be full of photo ops, panels, and with any luck, maybe even the infamously spectacular Dothraki jewellery workshop! Prior to that however, there’s also a literature night on the 6th, in which the smorgasbord of literary talent will be around to properly set the tone for the weekend ahead, and after Titancon, on the 8th, we are once again presented with the Bohemian Rhapsody butchering glory that is the coach tour of GoT shooting locations, with a fancypants feast thrown in too for good measure. 

We’ve covered a lot of things here at Geek Pride over the last year, generally within the mainstream circuit, but it’s a real privilege to be telling you about something as small, but exciting as TitanCon. It’s unique in it’s delivery, which is why above all else, if you have a spare weekend and the means to get to Belfast, I’d highly suggest checking it out.  I know even the White Walkers can’t keep me away!

Tickets available here: http://www.titancon.com/2013/membership.php

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