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Next Gen Xbox to be shown at E3?

xbox-720-2013-625x416-cAccording to Gizmodo it seems we may actually get to see the new Xbox at E3 2013! Gad damn it and I needed to save for my wedding… ah well, I’m sure my fiance will understand.

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It seems that everything is aligning for the launch of the next generation Xbox at E3 2013. We knew that the rumors are piling on. Then someone told us that the Xbox buildings at Microsoft’s campus are on lock down. And now we know that Xboxmeister Major Nelson is very excited about E3.

So excited, in fact, that he just posted a countdown on his blog. “And it’s on…” he says. Just 159 days left.

Indeed, it seems they are ramping up for a major launch. I doubt these signs have any other explanation but a next generation console. One that is designed to be a lot more than just a game console, finally completing the Xbox evolution, and which will be completely merged with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

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  1. Next xbox is (apparently) going to be release autumn ’13 and the next playstation looking at a winter ’13 release.
    Or at least this is what’s being reported by most lately, has to be soon though because we all know Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 were definitely not shown on any current consoles.


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