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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Nightwing: Forever Evil

This was brought to my attention by the beautiful DC Women Kicking Ass– and it’s seriously threatening to harsh my Harley-induced squee.


DC announced the Forever Evil mini-series last month; written by Geoff Johns with art from David Finch, it will contain -according to Johns- “literally everybody” from DC’s extensive cast of villains.  This a brilliant idea, and I’m super looking forward to it, but SO HELP ME DC IF YOU DO ANYTHING TO MY PRECIOUS NIGHTWING I WILL CRY.

I’m hoping he just goes through a dark night (heh) of the soul and comes out a stronger person.  That must be it.  They wouldn’t kill Nightwing… would they?

We will all find out in September.

Laura Maier
Laura Maier
At the time of character creation, Laura Maier made the mistake of putting all her points in charm. While this was probably an unwise decision, it's served her well so far. Her power animal is the platypus.

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