PCWorld Magazine Going Digital

by on 13/07/2013



In 1983, the world saw the fattest first edition published magazine. PCWorld Magazine. What started as BYTE Magazine in 1975, was easily recognized by computer nerds as, “The best PC magazine in existence.”

It was recently announced that PCWorld Magazine is going digital. This comes as no surprise and is quite frankly long overdue. The internet has hurt print companies so badly, that most magazines about gadgets and fun geeky stuff, have been forced to go to online.

In the dawn of home computer, PC magazines were at the top of the “hot list,” but with time comes change. We still read PC World, that is a fact proven by sales records, however, those numbers have gone down dramatically since the birth of online reading.

For those of us who waited patiently for Monday to arrive, bringing us the latest edition of PCWorld to announce what had happened in the technology world the week before. Those days seem to be gone.

With this announcement comes mixed feelings from employees and readers. Some are extremely excited about this new adventure the magazine, while others are throwing fits about jobs and “people who don’t know how to use the internet.” Why anyone who reads PCWorld can’t use the internet is beyond my levels of reasoning, but apparently it’s true.

So today we say “goodbye” to an iconic print magazine that dominated the print world for decades. In return though, we say “hello beautiful” to every issue being right at our fingertips, online.

Welcome to the internet PCWorld, we’ve been waiting for you.

For those of you wanting to access online, here is the link to this iconic magazines website.