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PS3 System Update is Causing Major Issues

A PS3 system update, which was released yesterday, has caused a major fault on some machines, preventing users from being able to play it. There aren’t many details for me to share with you but the BBC reported that it “causes the console’s on-screen navigation to disappear,” which may refer to the XMB. It also says that the version responsible for this issue, 4.45, has now been pulled, so your machine shouldn’t be in any danger if you haven’t already updated the firmware recently (it may not be a forced update), but if your machine has been affected, then you’ll need to wait for a further system update to be released. Apparently it only affects a small number of machines, but enough to cause a number of angry owners to rant about it on the forums.



Here’s the full story (not that it tells you that much) from the BBC.


Sony has pulled an upgrade to its PlayStation 3 after it caused some users’ machines to stop working.

The 4.45 system software, released on Tuesday, causes the console’s on-screen navigation to disappear.

Sony told BBC News it was investigating cause of the issue, which had affected a “small number” of machines globally.

Users should await further instructions and a downloadable system update rather than try to fix the issue, it added. “We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Disgruntled users have taken to message boards to discuss the problem.

“You’d think they test these things out, right?” wrote one..

The issue presents something of a public-relations blip in the week following a strong showing at games industry event E3.

Sony was widely regarded as having “won” the show – its presentation showed a PlayStation 4 console that will be $100 or £100 cheaper than its rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Both consoles are due on sale before Christmas.


Source [BBC NEWS]

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