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War Thunder – Ground Forces Closed Beta

by Phil_Matthewson 03/03/2014
War Thunder is a free-to-play online combat game, which is set during WWII and features armoured combat rather than infantry. An open beta version has been available on PC and PS4 for some time but so far it has only included air units; the final version is set to also feature ground and naval units. […]

New Mario Kart 8 Trailer

by Phil_Matthewson 22/02/2014
It’s the Nintendo title everyone has been waiting for and it seems that we don’t have to wait much longer as the release date has now been confirmed as the 30th May 2014. This trailer shows some of the gameplay, tracks, karts and bikes, plus some of the new characters included in the most highly […]

London Anime and Gaming Con 2014 – Thoughts and Photos

by Phil_Matthewson 13/02/2014
Last weekend we were at the first official London Anime and Gaming Con; the marriage of the London Anime Con and the London Gaming Con. As usual it was held at the Rocket Complex in Holloway, but an adjoining part of the university building was also used. Gaming has crept in at the last couple […]

London Anime and Gaming Con – 8th-9th Feb – Update

by Phil_Matthewson 05/02/2014
  The LAGC is almost here! It will take place this weekend at the Rocket Complex in Holloway, London. Geek Pride will be there as usual and will be ready to take lots of pics and vids of you in your cosplay gear. With the London Anime Con and the London Gaming Con combined, it should […]

Super Mario 3D World Review

by Phil_Matthewson 23/01/2014
It’s no secret that the Wii U hasn’t sold well at all. It’s been partly due to lack of new first-party titles and also because what we’ve seen so far is a small collection of recycled old games, some being no more than HD remakes of ones from older consoles. So Mario is back to […]

Emilia Clarke to Star as Sarah Connor in Terminator Reboot

by Phil_Matthewson 15/12/2013
 Emilia Clarke, best known for her role in Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen, is set to go from being the ‘Mother of Dragons’ to the mother of John Connor. Emilia has been confirmed to play Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator reboot. This is a hotly contested role and it came down to Clarke […]

LAGC Update: Colleen Clinkenbeard Confirmed as Guest

by Phil_Matthewson 09/12/2013
Voice actor and Director Colleen Clinkenbeard is the first guest of honour confirmed for the LAGC in February 2014 – The single event, consisting of both the London Anime Con and the London Gaming Con. Coleen has worked on over over 100 anime and video game titles. As a voice actor in anime, she is […]

Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space Blu-Ray Review

by Phil_Matthewson 13/11/2013
Spearhead from Space is the first adventure with the Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee and is the first classic Doctor Who story to be given an HD release. Sadly, this is the only one we are likely to see on Blu-ray as the others were not shot on film as this was and are, […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Official Trailer)

by Phil_Matthewson 29/10/2013
Many of us have been waiting a good while to see a trailer for the latest X-Men film;  now finally, the official trailer has been released. For those not in the know, Days of Future Past will feature mutants from both the present day and the past – The 60s. This trailer doesn’t show us […]

London Anime Con Returns In February 2014

by Phil_Matthewson 14/10/2013
The London Anime Con will be back at Holloway’s Rocket Complex next February and this time it will feature more gaming than ever before. Usually the gaming area is restricted to one or two of the back-rooms of the Rocket, but in February’s con the university building next door will also be used and dedicated […]