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Reaper Bones – Saving Miniature Money!


I recently got back into miniature painting after many years away and was amazed at the increase in cost! Seriously, before I knew it I’d forked out about two hundred quid getting all the craft supplies and paints I needed. After which, I still had to buy the miniatures themselves!

So, I was scouring the web for alternatives to the big miniature ranges, like Games Workshop, and wanted to share one particular finding.

Reaper Bones is a series of plastic miniatures, based off of high quality molds, but available at a fraction of the cost of normal metal or even plastic miniatures. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build up their collection. The Kickstarter for the Bones range is now finished but more models are on the way, so plenty of new sculpts to look forward to in the future!

The only problem for those of us abroad is the shipping cost from The States but there are plenty of sellers of Reaper Bones on eBay. Just do a generic search for Reaper Bones. Give them a shot! I was so over the moon I did a YouTube vid all about it. /buzzing

Rik O'Neill
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