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Rocket Raccoon to get his own Comic Series

The most badass alien/raccoon that ever lived

MTV picked up the exclusive a couple of days ago from MarvelRocket Raccoon is getting his own graphic novel series. The Guardians of the Galaxy film isn’t even out for several months yet but Marvel are backing their feisty alien…..that looks exactly like the earth mammal we know as a raccoon.

Skottie Young: Writer/Artist
Skottie Young: Writer/Artist

The potentially very entertaining series will be written and drawn by well-known Marvel artist Skottie Young, Young has spent the past five years working on Marvel’s ‘Oz‘ adaptations, along with making covers for other Marvel superheroes. Speaking to MTV News Young told them, ‘I like any of the humorous characters, any of the ones I can have fun with,’ he went onto say, ‘And around this time ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was getting restarted, so I said if there was any way of doing some sort of Rocket Raccoon story that would be fun too!’

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Rocket Raccoon: Bill Mantlo & Keith Giffen’s creation

The furry fiend has been around for over 30 years, when Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen created him. Rocket hangs around with his sentient tree companion in a place called Keystone Quadrant. If the fact that a maniacal gun wielding raccoon who hangs around with a sentient tree isn’t enough to get you excited nothing will.

Skottie Young wasn’t giving away much in his interview to MTV however they did get a sneak preview of a couple of pages. In the first issue we see Rocket at an ‘intergalactic MMA wrestling style match’, where his tree friend Groot is fighting a tentacled alien.

How do you feel about this latest move from Marvel? A stroke of genius or simply milking the possible cash cow that is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.


Source: MTV


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