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Alo Alo Alo I am the Law! Brit-Cit Noir Review

by Andrew Corbanon 17/02/2016
I have always had an on-again-off-again relationship with 2000AD’s comics. Some I really enjoy and some… not so much. I love all of the classics; Strontium Dog, Nemesis the Warlock and the book that 2000AD is most famous for, the behelmeted and grim faced personification of justice himself, Judge Dredd. So when I found out that […]

Edge-Lit 4 – Complete Line Up

by Peter Ray Allisonon 06/03/2015
The line-up for the fourth Edge-Lit, the UK’s greatest science fiction, fantasy and horror literature convention, has now been announced. Described as “an essential day out for any writer or reader of science-fiction, fantasy or horror”, Edge-Lit 4 brings together a range of writing talent for a superb series of panels, readings and workshops, as […]

Rocket Raccoon to get his own Comic Series

by Stephen Breweron 02/03/2014
MTV picked up the exclusive a couple of days ago from Marvel, Rocket Raccoon is getting his own graphic novel series. The Guardians of the Galaxy film isn’t even out for several months yet but Marvel are backing their feisty alien…..that looks exactly like the earth mammal we know as a raccoon. The potentially very entertaining series will be written and […]

Like Comics? Like Graphic Design? Check This Out!

by Richie Janukowiczon 22/11/2013
If you drew a Venn diagram with one circle representing comic book fans, and the other showing infographic lovers, a fair proportion of readers would probably find themselves in the overlap. And for those of you who do find themselves in the middle, here’s a real treat – an infographic guide to comic books, written by […]

Chuck Palahniuk to continue Fight Club, but not as you’d expect.

by Stephen Breweron 23/07/2013
The creator of an era-defining film confirmed the news on his official website recently that a Fight Club sequel is underway. However, it will not be on the silver screen, instead it will be in the medium of a Graphic Novel.   He stated that he was in the early processes of figuring out the […]

Y: The Last Man : Graphic Novel Overview

by Stephen Breweron 15/06/2013
In 2002, writer Brian K Vaughan (Lost, Saga, Runaways), alongside artist Pia Guerra (2008 Eisner Award Winner) brought to life a story about a man ‘Yorick Brown’ and his monkey ‘Ampersand’. On July 17th 2002 a virus simultaneously kills every living mammal possessing a Y Chromosome; except for the main character Yorick and his faithful companion Ampersand.

Transmetropolitan: Graphic Novel Review -9 GPP

by Stephen Breweron 24/04/2013
The brainchild of Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, “Transmetropolitan” throws a lot of people with its name. Several people apparently believe it has something to do with metro-sexuality and present day New York. This could not be further from the truth, and if you have not heard or indeed read this graphic novel, do it. I cannot give it higher praise, being a huge fan of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

When the Geek Strain Takes a Hold

by JodieAvoon 03/04/2013
As you’re all probably aware, I’m fairly new to the geek world and its wonders. I had always been a weird human being. I had never really fit in anywhere and never really understood why. Now I know. I am a geek, and I am proud of it. Since delving into the geek world, I […]

Young Liars: Graphic Novel Review -5 GPP

by Stephen Breweron 30/01/2013
So, why am I reviewing Young Liars? A series that many people, it seems, still don’t know about it. Well, it’s because it has me confused, conflicted. In other series such as DMZ or Transmetropolitan I’ve associated with the characters and enjoy how they are portrayed. I enjoy their style and their writing; I really want to read more. Young Liars is different, because its author, David Lapham (Creator of Stray Bullets), has managed to create an air of suspense. I now have questions that won’t go away and I must ...

Haunt: Graphic Novel Review – 7GPP

by Stephen Breweron 15/01/2013
The story of Haunt goes back to 2006, at a San Diego Comic-con where ‘Todd McFarlane’ (Creator of Spawn) called on ‘Robert Kirkman’ (Creator of ‘The Walking Dead’) who was seated in the audience. Mr Kirkman stood up and expressed that he was a fan, and wanted to know why it was that McFarlane didn’t […]