Sad Over Breaking Bad? Better Call Saul!

by on 02/10/2013

We know. It’s over. You’re sad. It’s understandable. But it’s okay, because AMC isn’t quite done with you yet. After the somewhat underwhelming finale (sans Aaron Paul’s tear-jerking escape) , I was left with a Heisenberg shaped hole in my heart. For the last three days since the conclusion I have for some reason become aware of how much I will miss Saul Goodman and his antics. Better Call Saul, they say. So I did. Out of curiosity I typed into my browser and was filled with joy.


They only went and made a bloody website!

You did it, you glorious sunsabitches.

You did it, you glorious sunsabitches.

Clicking here will take you to Saul Goodman’s official website, replete “legal” advice, adverts  and a testimonial by the legendary Badger. Enjoy another hour or so of laughs. Also, see if you can find the heart warming easter egg in the site. And can  someone please tell Huel he can leave that room now, everything’s fine.

"guys? I'm ready to come out now"

“guys? I’m ready to come out now”