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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tom Clancy Dead at 66

Today is a sad day in Geek and literary history. Tom Clancy’s publishers have confirmed that the author he has died at the young age of 66. The celebrated writer died at a Baltimore hospital close to his home in Maryland. The cause of death is yet to be confirmed.


The accomplished author, who became famous after the release of “The Hunt for Red October,” has had a total 17 novels on The New York Times Best Seller list; as well as his work spawning the Jack Ryan films. Alec Baldwin, who played Ryan in The Hunt for Red October”, has paid tribute on twitter


Having focused on military tactics, Clancy is also responsible for the “Splinter Cell” novels, which were the basis for the games that many of us have come to play and love. His writings also provided the inspiration for the “Rainbow Six,” and “Ghost Recon” video game series.

ghostrecon Rainbowsix SplinterCell

His newest novel, “Command Authority,” is still scheduled for December publication.

You will be missed Mr. Clancy. 

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