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A Study of the FPS Genre:”Pressing The Trigger”

by King Darrenon 08/01/2016
The domain of the FPS genre is DAMAGE. Whether you’re ordering your squad to breach and clear a room in Rainbow Six, providing air support in Call of Duty, or rocket spamming a ledge overlooking an entry route in Quake, everything about your performance in an FPS ultimately boils down to optimising performance in this […]

‘The Splinter Cell’ Short Film

by Daniel Delargyon 02/12/2014
How many of you have heard the name Sam Fisher, aka ‘The Splinter Cell’ (also, as I see it, America’s answer to Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series)? To those who don’t (like myself, I must add), all you really need to know is that he is the protagonist of the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series, which is one […]

Does the Splinter Cell Movie finally have a Director?

by Hani Fearonon 21/03/2014
A film based on Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell has been in the works for a couple of years now, with Tom Hardy being rumoured to play Sam Fisher for just as long. Finally, some light has been shed on who will be at the helm of the adaptation with Bourne Identity’s Doug Linam in final negotiations […]

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Review

by Stephen Breweron 20/10/2013
Air Conflicts: Vietnam was published by little known company 'bitComposer Games', known for 'Jagged Alliance' and 'Citadels' in conjunction with 'Kalypso', creators of 'Dark' and 'Ubisoft' the creators of 'Splinter Cell' and the popular 'Far Cry' series. After playing this game it does beg the question just how much influence Ubisoft and Kalypso actually had in the development of this title.

Tom Clancy Dead at 66

by TheWookieon 02/10/2013
Today is a sad day in Geek and literary history. Tom Clancy’s publishers have confirmed that the author he has died at the young age of 66. The celebrated writer died at a Baltimore hospital close to his home in Maryland. The cause of death is yet to be confirmed. The accomplished author, who became […]