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Season 3: Week 34: Free League of Legends Champions Rotation

With over 12 million players World-Wide a day, Riot Games smash hit ‘League of Legends’ has gone from strength to strength. At this very moment in time the World Championships are taking place in North America for a grand prize of $2 million for the winning team. The favourites being Taiwanese side Gamania Bears (but don’t tell Fnatics fan base).

Bearing that in mind, I believe a weekly report on the free Champions rotation would be a good idea. Without further ado I give you the free Champions this week:


Blitzcrank: The Great Steam Golem
Blitzcrank: The Great Steam Golem

Best Deployed As: Bottom Lane Support

Pros: Massive Stun, Good Combo and an Area of Effect Silence

Cons: Very reliant on his Rocket Grab, Bad against Range

This weeks free champion list starts off with the Support/Tank that is Blitzcrank, whilst quite a difficult champion to play for beginners (me for instance). Blitzcrank has the ability to be a devastating champion, with a great 1-2-3 combo of Rocket Grab, Power Fist, and Static Field that has the ability to devastate an individual opponent.

Shard of the Monolith
Malphite: Shard of the Monolith

Best Deployed As: Top Laner (or Jungler)

Pros: Very good tank, great Ultimate (Arguably the best engager in team)

Cons: Naturally Slow and Bad Farming

Malphite is an Ability Power(AP)/Tank in the free rotation. Malphite in my opinion is the easier of the two tanks to play this week, despite having a slightly lower max health and attack than Blitzcrank. With Seismic Shard, this champion can steal up to 26% of the opponents movement speed from the target for 4 seconds, more than enough time to close down the gap and get in close for Malphite’s Brutal Strikes and Ground Slam. He is most effective when played in the top-lane and is usually the ‘engager’ of the team.


Master Yi: The Wuju Bladesman
Master Yi: The Wuju Bladesman

Best Deployed As: Jungler or Top Laner

Pros: Easy to Farm, Fast, Good for Escaping and Engaging

Cons: Susceptible to crowd control

Master Yi, the first Attack Damage Carry of this weeks champion rotation, Yi is a big favourite with a lot of LoL players due in part to his abilities, firstly his Alpha Strike makes farming minions for gold/xp easier, Master Yi is very strong early on through his meditate ability, it allows you to stay in the lane longer than other champions, meaning you will be able to gain levels faster than your opponent. He is most effective as a ‘Jungler’ however he is equally effective as a Top Laner.


Ryze: The Rogue Mage
Ryze: The Rogue Mage

Best Deployed As:  A Mid Laner

Pros: Naturally Builds as a Tank

Cons: Difficult to play for Beginners, Very reliant on range

Ryze is another popular pick amongst LoL players, he’s a good champion to have on your team if protected well. His Ultimate, when used on minions to farm, can lead to a large gold advantage. This can then be put into buying Rod of Ages, Frozen Heart and the Void Staff which will give you the edge against other champions. It is always worth noting that the more mana Ryze has, the more damage he will deal. This Champion should only really be used in the Mid-Lane.


Taric: The Gem Knight
Taric: The Gem Knight

Best Deployed As: Bottom Lane Support

Pros: Grants Armor, Heals and has a Stun

Cons: Against Ranged he is weak

Taric is a great support/tank, with his Imbue ability, which heals a target ally and himself. If however he targets himself, his heal increases by 40%, this means Taric is very effective at tanking turrets. Where support is concerned, aside from Taric’s Imbue ability, his Dazzle has the ability to stun a target enemy for at least 1.2 seconds allowing your team to ‘gank’ the unfortunate opposition champion. His ‘W’ also grants Armor to the entire team and as a Bottom Lane specialist against all Attack Damage Opposition is very useful.


Pantheon: the Artisan of War
Pantheon: the Artisan of War

Best Deployed As: Top Laner or Jungler

Pros: Movement Damage, Speed

Cons: Unreliable Ultimate

Now, Pantheon is a champion that seems to be rarely used, however can be extremely useful. He’s listed as an Assassin/Melee, however Pantheon has the ability to hurl a spear at an enemy champion every four seconds, which, if his Heartseeker Strike has been leveled up once, means his Spear Shot will automatically ‘crit’ against targets with 15% health or below, dealing 50% more damage. Pantheon also has the advantage of Aegis Protection that gives the player a shield after every four attacks that will block the next hit against him. This means he is a great champion to dive in under a turret to attack any low health champion who foolishly believes he will be safe there.


Akali: the Fist of Shadow
Akali: the Fist of Shadow

Best Deployed As: Solo Laner

Pros: Very Mobile, Good Attack Damage

Cons: Build Reliant, Low Health

Akali is a ‘squishy’ assassin;  a champion who for me is quite difficult to play. It takes a lot of practice to be able to play Akali properly. However if you use her Twilight Shroud correctly which allows her to stealth within a 300-radius area for 8 seconds then she can be very good at surprise attacks. She’s a very mobile Champion who is best deployed as a top or mid laner.


Miss Fortune: the Bounty Hunter
Miss Fortune: the Bounty Hunter

Best Deployed As: Bottom Lane Carry

Pros: Very Mobile, Good AoE Ultimate

Cons: Limited once Ultimate is used

Miss Fortune is a good ranged/carry champion, her passive ability being ‘Strut’ which gains Miss Fortune an additional 25 Movement Speed, a bonus that increases by 9 each second up to a maximum of 70. This allows Miss Fortune to chase down any fleeing champions, her speed bonus is especially useful if her ‘Make it Rain’ ability hits. Miss Fortune is one of the only AD Champions to have an Area of Effect Ultimate. Another Champion who is best used on the bottom lane.


Caitlyn: the Sheriff of Piltover
Caitlyn: the Sheriff of Piltover

Best Postion As: Bottom Lane Carry

Pros: Best Laning Phase of Any Champion

Cons: No ‘Steroid’ so late game very reliant on build

Caitlyn, another ranged carry like Miss Fortune has a passive attack that makes farming easier, every few basic attacks, she will fire a headshot dealing 150% damage to a champion, or 250% damage to a minion. This will not only push Caitlyn’s gold farming up but also her experience. This champion is great for feeding other team members with her abilities, ‘Yordle Snap Trap’ and ’90 Calibre Net’.

Zed: the Master of Shadows
Zed: the Master of Shadows

Best Position As: Top Laner or Mid Laner

Pros: Very Mobile, Very High Damage

Cons: Very Hard to Use for Beginners, Reliant on his Build

Zed, one of the best and probably the hardest Champion to play as for free right now. Devastating to use if you know what your doing. Zed’s living shadow is very useful if double-tapped as it will teleport Zed to his shadow immediately allowing for rapid escapes from tricky situations. Zed’s passive ability ‘Contempt for the Weak’ means that whenever Zed auto-attacks an enemy below 50% health, he deals an additional 6-10% of their maximum health as bonus magic damage. However this effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 10 seconds.


In my opinion this is one of the stronger weeks when it comes to free Champions, with Master Yi and Pantheon leading the way.

Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer
As an aspiring journalist I have found a home here at geek-pride, where I can write upon many subjects. If anybody has something they believe should be reviewed or newsworthy then feel free to send me a message, I always enjoy talking to people.

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