Solar Freaking Roadways!

by on 29/05/2014

Remember when we were kids and we used to imagine that the future will look a lot more like Star Trek and a lot less like the ’90s? Yeah? So do I. It’s almost like we’re stuck being “primitive”. No wonder no alien race has made contact yet (those cow kidnappers don’t count!).

But let’s get back on track and focus on Solar Freaking Roadways!! Hey, it’s what they call it, not I. These roadways would be, according to the theory behind it, self-sustainable, able to generate their own energy and support the power grid of the country that uses them, while at the same time they would require no repairs that block traffic for days on end, they would need not be painted, since the safety elements (road paint, car park spots and so on) can be programmed by a computer to simply show up wherever they are needed, by lighting up one set of LED lights or another. They don’t make pancakes, but other than that they seem to be as close to perfect as they could get in terms of the benefits they bring.

It sounds promising enough, but like most promising ideas, it needs a lot of backing. It’s why an indiegogo campaign was started. And guess what? They already gathered up more than the million dollar goal they had set for themselves. If you feel like supporting this idea, just click here and make it happen.

Watch the promotional video below and try to ignore the amount of times you’ll hear “Solar freaking roadways!”, because it’s definitely worth a listen.

Think it could be made possible? Letting aside the political and economic issues that would bankrupt those providing classical forms of energy, the things that this project promises sound amazing. Would you back it? Do you support it? Yes, no, why?