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Hands-On with Lego Worlds

by Daniel Delargyon 22/02/2017
Lego Worlds is a new, inventive game from the creative minds at Traveller’s Tales Games, focusing on wholly original Lego products rater than the brands and liscences covered by Lego Dimensions. In this brand new adventure, you play as an explorer delving into the many planets containing dynamic and unique environments, from the days of […]

Lego Dimensions – Wave 7

by Daniel Delargyon 19/11/2016
On the 18th of November, Lego Dimensions released a brand new wave of add-ons to their game, inclusing a Story Pack, as well as a number of Fun, level and Team Packs. In this wave, we see characters and levels from the worlds of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Gremlins, Adventure Time, Mission […]

Lego® Avengers Review – Geek Pride

by jollinson 02/07/2016
I’m no stranger when it comes to Lego® video games. I was first in line for the original Lego® Star Wars on the ps2 in 2005. I even sent in a video tape in of me glitch hunting to the OPS2 magazine and got myself on the dvd and a free copy of a game. […]

Sony E3 2016

by Lianneon 14/06/2016
Sony are known for filling their E3 conferences with an onslaught of news and announcements on its hardware and upcoming games. 2016 continued that trend, managing to pack in a ridiculous amount of content into their hour long show. Originally airing at 2am GMT, I’m sure not many of you were able to stay up […]

Heroes and Legends: Geek Weekender!

by joshkingofgeekson 05/08/2015
  Pinch, punch the first of the month, yes it’s archaic but that doesn’t change the fact that I still got pinched and punched by my 5 year old. That wasn’t the only thing that happened to me this weekend, August 1st brought with it my local geek meet at Margam Country Park. The cosplayers […]

Costuming the Fandom: The Cosplay of MCM Expo Birmingham 2014.

by jesshealy24on 27/11/2014
As a fellow cosplayer, the costumes that are seen at MCM Expo and the like have always been the highlight of my Convention weekend. I myself (as usual) took part in the geek festivities and cosplayed as Morrigan from the newly released Dragon Age: Inquisition (pictured above), and I can honestly say that the standard […]

The Lego Movie Videogame

by James Buckinghamon 08/03/2014
“Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team…” Prepare to bounce uncontrollably as you play The Lego Movie Videogame, and prepare to listen to Tegan and Sara’s “Everything is awesome” a whole lot. I’ve played all of the Lego games, bar Lego City Undercover… and that’s only because it’s a Wii U […]

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Lego

by RyeZuulon 03/02/2014
WE GOT ONE! Ghostbusters has it’s 30th anniversary this year. It is also, in the author’s incredibly humble opinion, the finest film ever made. To celebrate, Lego confirmed on the 30th of January that it will produce Brent Waller’s fan-designed Ghostbusters set. Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and of course Peter Venkman will be […]

LEGO: Marvel Superheroes (Xbox)

by Andrew Corbanon 15/11/2013
Lego Marvel Super Hero’s is the newest release in the long line of Lego games; titles including: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Batman and Lord of the Rings. Being a big fan of the Marvel Universe and Lego in general, you can imagine how excited I was when this little beauty dropped through my door and […]

The Lego Movie – Official Trailer

by Becca Harperon 19/06/2013
If you didn’t play with Lego as a child then I feel bad for you. Lego is essentially a childhood experience that should not be overlooked, in fact I know many adults, myself included, who continue get great joy from sitting on the floor with a pile of bricks and creating.  As with anything that […]