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Why you want a physicist to speak at your funeral

by Matt Gearyon 03/07/2014
I would like to state now that this article, and the quote within, are NOT an attack or judgment of those with faith or religious belief, in any way shape or form. It is just something that really hit home with me and I felt compelled to share it and my thoughts on the subject. […]

Monochroma Release Announced

by Andrew Corbanon 05/03/2014
After a successful Kickstarter campaign and passing through Steam Greenlight, we can expect the stylishly atmospheric Monochroma to be with us soon courtesy of Turkish developers Nowhere Studios. Monochroma is a physics puzzle platformer with a cinematic visual style set in a dystopian alternate 1950s. The main hook of the game mechanics sees you needing […]

Learn about nuclear physics from GLaDOS in this fun NASA video

by Chris Batemanon 03/03/2014
“Do you really not know what nuclear fusion is?” Everyone who has played Valve’s Portal loves GLaDOS, that’s a simple fact. Her sadistic, humourless and robotic tones turned an interesting physics puzzle game into a cult classic, enjoyed by many gamers who would otherwise steer well clear of the puzzle genre. So, how would you […]

Things Superman Shouldn’t Do

by SeanPWallaceon 13/10/2013
In the new 52, Superman’s strength is (according to Wikipedia) almost 6 sextillion metric tons of force. Before then, it was a mere 200 quillion metric tons (what a weakling, ey?). Suffice it to say, Superman with power from the Sun is pretty strong. He can move large asteroids and small planets. To put this […]

They Made A Mothernerfin’ Lightsaber!!!!!

by The_Dark_Mikeon 27/09/2013
Well… kinda. A team of physicists at Harvard university wanted to see what would happen when Photons interact with each other, and unwittingly created a beam of light that was the result of photons forming molecules. This dosen’t usually happen, Photons being bereft of mass and all, but it did and we now have lightsabers. […]

What if Superman punched you?

by Becca Harperon 17/06/2013
Assuming he doesn’t pull his punch then you’d die, obviously. But what would be the cause of death? Would your face implode or head fly off? If only there was someone to explain it. Well there is! Luckily Vsauce3 tells all in this very informative video, with just the right amount of science to make it […]