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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What if Superman punched you?

Assuming he doesn’t pull his punch then you’d die, obviously. But what would be the cause of death? Would your face implode or head fly off? If only there was someone to explain it. Well there is! Luckily Vsauce3 tells all in this very informative video, with just the right amount of science to make it a fun. Yep, should the Man of Steel take a dislike to you, a puny human, there’s going to be collateral damage.


Check out more videos from Vsauce3: http://www.youtube.com/user/Vsauce3

Becca Harper
Becca Harperhttp://geekparenting.tumblr.com/
Editor and occasional writer for Geek Pride! I prefer Star Trek over Star Wars, collect comics and wish I could be a superhero one day. I tabletop RPG as well as a little gaming, design the odd t-shirt now and again, update my Geek Parenting Tumblr and when I have cash to spend (which is rare) I scour the internet for Wonder Woman collectables. Also Doctor Who and Firefly rock!!

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