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Geek Pride at Belfast Film and Comic Con 2015

by Dave Foyon 20/11/2015
As geek-culture is finally being embraced on this side of the Irish Sea, and with even the local mainstream media taking an active (though admittedly still cautious) interest in the overall ‘geek’ community – the past few years have seen the introduction and rise of the Northern Irish version of the convention/celebration event. There now appears […]

Die Hard: Alien Vs Predator trailer is a thing of beauty.

by Andy Haighon 07/01/2015
ChiefBrodyRules, the creator behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier VHS Edition ,has created another video. This time an impressive mash up of several popular franchises – Die Hard: Alien VS Predator. What happens when the deadliest creatures in the universe come up against NYPD’s toughest cop? Pure, liquid awesome, that’s what. What would be your dream […]

Predator: Dark Ages Kickstarter

by Matt Gearyon 01/07/2014 I stumbled across this little gem on my random meanderings through the world of Kickstarter and I have to say it really has promise as an Idea. In short, it’s a story about a group of Templar Knights, sent out by the church to hunt a ‘Demon’ (The Predator) that is terrorising the English country […]

Fox set to reboot Predator franchise with Shane Black

by Andy Haighon 25/06/2014
In news that will either provoke intrigue or contempt at a lack of new ideas it has emerged at Hollywood Reporter that Fox is set to reboot the Predator franchise. The new as yet untitled film will be directed by Shane Black who will also be sharing writing duties with Fred Dekker, reforming the pair […]

Top 5 References Proving Sterling Archer is a Geek!

by Becca Harperon 29/03/2014
This gal is a big fan of Archer, the animated espionage adventures of Sterling Archer and his co-workers over at the ISIS spy agency. Currently at season 5 with another two promised, the show can do no wrong and although it has shifted from spy comedy to (poorly executed) drug dealing it has lost none […]

21 Remarkable Moments in Sci-Fi Movies

by James Woodheadon 13/03/2014
The 20th century started with people doubting that the car would catch on and ended with complaints that mankind hadn’t already colonised Mars. It was one of the most quickly developing and exciting periods in history. As we delve deeper into the 21st century, we are turning corners that had once exclusively belonged to science […]

Cosplay Catch Up – An introduction to madness

by Leonieon 05/01/2014
I decided with the arrival of New Year to start writing a bi-weekly cosplay catch up article for Geek Pride, basically this blog will track my cosplay adventures over the course of this year (I feel big things coming!). I am a fairly new cosplayer, I put together a vaguely rubbish Hobbit costume for Manchester […]

A vicious attack but do two wrongs make a right?

by Matt Gearyon 21/10/2013
I, Like many, have been witness to a heinous attack on a fellow geek… nay, human being. The attack came in the form of a ‘man’ assaulting a cosplayer, dressed up as a predator in the centre of Birmingham, by pushing him off the plinth he was standing on; resulting in him flying face first […]

Alien vs Predator: Evolution – 6 GPPs

by James Buckinghamon 19/03/2013
Alien vs Predator: Evolution is a fun, and easy to pick up game that allows for maiming and evisceration on the go. It's not without it's faults (repetitive combat and the usual 3rd person camera woes), but if you're a fan of either franchise, you'll enjoy this. If you just like gory action, you'll also enjoy it. Attractive visuals, quick levels and fun execution gameplay make this worth the (relatively meagre) pricetag. Just be careful you don't drop your mobile device performing the elaborate executions.

Alien vs Predator: Evolution Hits iOS & Android

by James Buckinghamon 01/03/2013
Game over man, game over! Well… for the humans anyway. H.R Giger‘s mass-murdering xenomorph has now set it’s eyeless sights on Android and iOS… and the “Ugly motherfucker” aka The Predator is following suit, in the new title from Fox Digital – Alien vs Predator: Evolution. Yes, folks there’s another new game out with it’s […]