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Fan Art Feature; N from Pokemon

by Leonieon 20/02/2014
So for this weeks Fan Art Feature I chose N from Pokemon because… God damn it that guy is attractive!!! *cough* Ok so I also like him for his personality, he absolutely adores Pokemon, after being raised by them he is able to talk to them and understand their responses. Also people make really really […]

Character Fan Art Feature – Baron Munchausen

by Leonieon 06/02/2014
So this week I chose Baron Munchausen from the film ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.’ I chose this character because the film is just amazing beyond words. I have always has this vivid image in my head of when I was little, watching a film on the TV, the only part I remember was this […]

Character Fan Art Feature! Feral Kid – Mad Max 2

by Leonieon 23/01/2014
Soooo… Yes… For my first fan art feature I chose Feral Kid! Well I lie… I actually chose Mad Max but then I came across the first piece of artwork I am going to show in this article and freaked!!! I just had to search out more Feral Kid! It wasn’t a very frugal search […]

Cosplay Catch Up – An introduction to madness

by Leonieon 05/01/2014
I decided with the arrival of New Year to start writing a bi-weekly cosplay catch up article for Geek Pride, basically this blog will track my cosplay adventures over the course of this year (I feel big things coming!). I am a fairly new cosplayer, I put together a vaguely rubbish Hobbit costume for Manchester […]

William Hartnell as The First Doctor: A Retrospective

by Leonieon 05/11/2013
Fifty years ago this month the first episodes of Doctor Who were aired. It’s a rare thing for a series to last the years so well and appeal just as much to us today as it did back then. So this month some of the writers at Geek Pride will be writing retrospect’s on all of […]

X/Y Starter pokemon evolutions confirmed

by Leonieon 12/09/2013
So today the internet decided to inform me of this…           My initial though = “NAH! INTERWEBZ IS MESSING WIFF CHA!” So I immediately jumped onto to check out if it was in fact true… And to my horror, yes, the makers of Pokémon have decided to make these three Pokémon the evolutions of […]

Chainsword Prop build part 2: Painting and detailing

by Leonieon 27/08/2013
Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay. I hit a few glitches over the past couple of week of both physical and mental kind. I am fairly new to this whole cosplay malarkey so I am learning as I go along. I am learning that you should get plenty of all the materials […]

Chainsword prop build for Sisters of Battle Cosplay: Part 1

by Leonieon 07/08/2013
 Sister of Battle Cosplay So today I decided it was about time I started work on my Sister of Battle cosplay. This is a long term project I took upon myself  after seeing a lot of art work of the Sister’s of Battle from the Warhammer universe and as I have never worked with armor […]

Top 5 Cosplay Fears

by Leonieon 11/07/2013
20th July. This date marks something very important in any convention-going geek: my very first cosplay! I have dressed up for an occasion in the past- I went to see Rocky Horror the Theatre show and my friend told me that if I did not dress up she would subsequently not drive me to the […]

RAMPAGE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

by Leonieon 18/05/2013
So, my Borderlands obsession, it started with Mordecai. I don’t know why, normally I am not the type to go for that type of character. Normally I go for the big beefy type that runs into a battle with both hands gripping the handles of two mighty war axes, ready to cleave some skulls and […]